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Filter Table Generator

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The Filter Table Generator dialog is used to calculate filter coefficients and coefficient tables. Go to Tools - Fixed-Point Filter Table Generator… in the main application menu to access this dialog.

To use the generator, select a filter type tab on the left, set the filter design parameters and press the Generate button.

The table generator provides a variety of design option including filter type, center frequency, Q, gain and number of table steps. A graph of the filter frequency response is displayed as well as a list of filter coefficients, in both decimal and hex (parameter RAM-ready hexadecimal) format. The hex values are sign-extended from the fourth bit. To see the coefficient values in decimal format check the Show Values box in the Value Table tab and press the Generate button.

This tool is most useful for designing a set of filter coefficients with stepped gain response (as in the above image) for such applications as an graphic equalizer.

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