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Development Environment

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The SigmaStudio development environment provides a graphical user interface to help you build and deploy signal processing systems quickly and efficiently. Refer to the following sections if you have any problems or questions while working with the application.

Program WindowSummary of the Main Screen and its tools.
Hardware Configuration TabChoose a DSP IC for your design or setup USB communication.
Schematic TabUse the Schematic workspace to create your DSP design.
ToolboxThe basic building blocks to construct your design.
Workspace WindowsWorkspace windows display important project information.
ToolbarsTool buttons for invoking application commands.
DialogsSummary of the SigmaStudio dialogs.
Hardware WindowsAccess hardware register settings and download data.

Note: The first time you start SigmaStudio, it displays the Program Window with the default layout. You can change the desktop arrangement to meet your needs and preferences, including resizing, moving, and hiding windows and toolbars.

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