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Running a Stand-alone Application on the SHARC Audio Module

After using CCES to debug and finalize an application, it can be programmed to flash so that it can run stand-alone. The SHARC Audio Module Bare Metal SDK makes this process easy.

  • Browse to where the BM SDK was installed.
  • Now browse to ..\extras\flash-programmer.
  • Here you will see 2 .bat files that are used to easily program flash as well as a few other folders.
    • prog_SAM_flash_ice1000.bat
    • prog_SAM_flash_ice2000.bat
  • Place the 3 core applications that were created in the Input_DXE_Files folder.
For this exercise the application was named my_test_app
  • Core 0: my_test_app_Core0
  • Core 1: my_test_app_Core1.dxe
  • Core 2: my_test_app_Core2.dxe
  • In a text editor, open the .bat file with the name that matches the emulator being used(ice1000 or ice2000).
  • Be sure that CCES_HOME is pointing to the CCES installation that is on the PC being used, save the changes.
  • Open a command prompt to ..\SAM_BareMetal_SDK-Rel2.1.0\extras\flash-programmer.
  • Type prog_SAM_flash_ice1000.bat <app name with no extention>.
  • In the case of our app the command line would be: prog_SAM_flash_ice1000.bat my_test_app.
  • This will not only create the ldr file but also program it to flash.
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