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Programming Bare Metal Framework to Flash

This section should be followed once your application is working as expected and have been fully verified within CrossCore Embedded Studio.

For more in depth knowledge on this subject it is recommended to go through the CCES Getting Started section on Creating a Bootable Application

Windows Batch Files

2 Windows Batch files have been provided with the Bare Metal SDK install and can be found at ..\SAM_BareMetal_SDK-Rel2.1.0\extras\flash-programmer. These batch files will aid in the process of getting the finalized application programmed to flash.

Open the appropriate batch file in a text editor for the emulator(ICE-1000 or ICE-2000) being used and be sure the CCES_HOME path is set according to the version of CCES under use. Save the changes.

Programming Flash

This procedure will use the application name of my_app for the purpose of explaining the process of programming flash.

  1. Place my_app_Core0, my_app_Core1.dxe, and my_app_Core2.dxe into the Input_DXE_Files folder
  2. Open a Windows Command Prompt
  3. Change directories to ..\SAM_BareMetal_SDK-Rel2.1.0\extras\flash-programmer
  4. On the command line type prog_SAM_flash_ice1000.bat my_app (do NOT add the core extension)
  5. Execute the batch file to program flash on the SHARC Audio Module Main Board.
A binary file will be created and then programmed to flash. The resulting binary file can be found in Output_LDR_Files

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