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Sharc Audio Module - Shell Commands


The purpose of the shell commands is to provide a command line interface for users to communicate with the system. On the Audio Starter Framework, these commands are broken up by features. These shell commands are categorized for documentation purpose based on their usage. This documentation details the superset list of all of the commands that exist for all of the Audio Starters. To find the specific commands for your particular hardware platform and specific branch, you can type help in the shell to view your specific sub-set.


The purpose of the help command is to provide the list of all available commands for a particular hardware platform as well as a summary of what each command is responsible for.

Example List of Shell Commands

Command-Specific Help

Each specific command has a set of inputs (with ranges) for the command. These inputs are used to change the functionality of each command, noting that some commands have no inputs. The format of the command can be retrieved by typing in <help> <command>, where <command> is one of the valid commands from the list printed by the help command.

For example, the command a2b, takes one input: cmd, where the range for cmd is a string type taking either main or sub:

As seen displayed by the shell by typing help a2b as seen above, for example. An exhaustive list of shell commands can be found below.

Command List

Below is the exhaustive list of commands - with grouping by feature type. This can be helpful for better understanding what sort of support is available for a particular feature.

Feature Description Relevant Shell Commands
Audio Commands The goal of these commands is to help users to configure the audio related capabilities of the SAM audio starter route, a2b, discover, wav, vban, rtp, cmdlist, vu, adc
Filesystem Commands These commands are implemented to help users to configure the filesystem related capabilities of the SAM audio starter ls, format, df, rm, cat, cp, recv, send, fsck, cmp, drive, sdtest
Network Commands These commands are used for network related configuration of the SAM audio starter eth
Development and Debug Commands Shell commands used for development and debug purposes edit, test, run, dump, fdump, delay, i2c, i2c_probe, syslog, stacks, cpu, usb, update, meminfo, resize, syslog, date

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