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Sharc Audio Module - Prerequisites

The following items below list the hardware and software prerequisites needed to setup and run the Audio Starter Projects. Verify hardware and software compatibility requirements here: Hardware-Software Compatibility!

Hardware Prerequisites

Choose the setup and needs based on desired example.

Basic Analog Audio Only

Ethernet Audio

Note that this requires the Networking versions of the Audio Starter software to run! By default, the software that will be downloaded/cloned as per the upcoming instructions will be NOT be the Networking software. If you want to run the Ethernet examples, be sure to grab the Networking branch for your specific project (not all projects support Networking). See our software list here!

Software Prerequisites

The following software tools are required for this tutorial:

  1. Software Package with bootloader/pre-built LDRs.
  2. Software Package with Audio Starter
  3. Your Preferred Serial Terminal Program such as TeraTerm
  4. If running the Ethernet Audio example - your preferred VBAN audio player such as Voicemeeter Standard

Install GIT For Windows

Git for Windows is a build environment that includes various tools for version control, compilation, etc. In this project we are using Git for Windows to access Git, which is a version control system/tool used for source code management. Additionally, Git for Windows comes with a set of unix-like tools such as Git bash which we will use to access makefile tools. For this tutorial, we will be using the command-line interface (Git bash) for compiling the Audio Starter projects since it contains some extra open source tools needed for compilation.

1. Download Git for Windows:
2. Follow the instructions to install provided by the setup installer, choosing the options that best suit your needs.

Install CrossCore Embedded Studio

Follow the instructions here for installing CCES and for help getting started with CrossCore. CrossCore is required for compilation and access to make as well as the compilers required for the ARM and SHARC Cores.

Download Bootloader Software

Some of the Audio Starter projects require a bootloader to be flashed first. This section only applies to software running on the ADZS-SC589-MINI! Skip this step if it doesn't apply to you! This allows the use of the SAM flasher tool to make application updates. Software can be found here:Hardware-Software Compatibility.

1. The software package can be downloaded directly (Be sure to unzip after download).
2. Keep track of where this project is unzipped as it will be referenced later as <BOOTLOADER_PROJECT_ROOT>

Clone Repository/Download Application Software

The Audio Starter projects contain all of the source code and some additional setup scripts that allows you to compile, flash and run the application. Software can be found here:Hardware-Software Compatibility.

If you don't want to use the command-line to clone the software and prefer to download a zip instead, skip to step 5 in this table!

1. Open the Git Bash application
2. Change your directory to your preferred cloning location
3. Clone the repository by running the command

git clone <Repository>

Where <Repository> can be acquired from the Hardware-Software Compatibility matrix
4. Note that by default the cloning action will create the default folder named the same as the repository and will clone the default branch 2.0.0-Github. A specific branch can be specified by using the --branch <branch_name>, alternatively.
5. Alternatively, the software package can be downloaded directly instead of being cloned (Be sure to unzip after download).
6. Keep track of where the application was cloned or downloaded as it will be referred to later as <project_root>

Install Your Preferred Serial Terminal Program

A serial terminal program, such as TeraTerm or Putty is required for serial communication with the SAM. Download and install your preferred tool. This tutorial will use TeraTerm.

Note that some parts of the SAM program use XMODEM. Be sure to select a terminal with XMODEM capability if you will be using this part of the SAM program.

Install Your Preferred VBAN Audio Program

A VBAN audio streaming device is required to pass audio over Ethernet/UDP to the hardware. Follow any instructions for your VBAN audio program for installation. Please refer to any licensing rules for use.

Having trouble? Check out our list of common issues!

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