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Advanced Audio Projects for the Sharc Audio Module

This is a tutorial which allows users to become familiar with the advanced audio project for the Sharc Audio Module.


In addition to the Baremetal Framework as a software resource for experimenting with the SC589, a more advanced software project exists that allows users to quickly connect various audio inputs and outputs during run-time, giving them the capability to not only experiment with different audio-related technologies, but to also modify and add their own custom settings that may aid in rapid prototyping of their own systems. This is a basic framework that is supported on several different hardware platforms.

This framework supports an application which supports multiple audio sources and shell support, which allows interaction with the application to change various configurations and parameters during run-time.

Example interface for shell support

This is an advanced project which requires users to compile software and navigate serial terminal programs and to use Unix based shell utilities for the command line.

Getting Started

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