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Precision Converters Firmware Build Guide for STM32 Platform

Building Using STM32CubeIDE

In order to leverage the STM32 firmware, it is necessary that the following are installed on the machine

  • Add the path “GnuWin32/bin” to the environment variables. For this, make sure to install 'make' in the root of 'C' drive without any spaces in the installation path. The path must be C:\GnuWin32\…

  • Clone Precision Converters Firmware repository with the --recursive flag (not needed if building with web IDE for Mbed platform):
git clone --recursive

If however you've already cloned the repository without the --recursive flag, you may initialize all the submodules in an existing cloned repo with:

git submodule update --recursive --init
  • Open the adxxxx_iio.ioc file from the “precision_converters_firmware/adxxxx_iio/STM32/” directory. This would open the file in STM32CubeMX.
  • Click on the “Generate Code” option seen on the top right corner

  • Upon successful generation of drivers for the selected MCU, the autogenerated files would be seen in the same directory where the .ioc file was present. Double click and open the “.project” file seen in the list of files

  • After the project is loaded to the STM32CubeIDE, unfold the adxxxx_iio project seen in the project explorer, right click the “app” folder, select “Settings” under the “C/C++ Build” section on the left pane and un-check the “Exclude resources from build” checkbox. This would ensure that the project specific files are included by the build system

  • In order to choose STM32 platform in the firmware, select the “ACTIVE_PLATFORM” as “STM32_PLATFORM” in the app_config.h from the project files.

  • Add compiler flags “-u _printf_float” to the project settings.

  • Program by clicking on the “Run adxxxx_iio” option seen or by performing a copy→paste option of the .hex file seen in the STM32/Debug folder

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