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Precision Converters Firmware Build Guide for Mbed Platform

Building Using Keil Studio Web IDE

  • Clone the Precision Converters Firmware repository into Keil Studio using “File→clone…” menu. The link to github repository is here: precision-converters-firmware

  • Once the project repository is imported, wait until all library dependencies are imported as shown in below screenshot. Now, open the '.medignore' file present in the root directory of repository. Add comment syntax (two forward slashes) in front of the project name which you want to build. This will ignore all other projects and build only the comment syntax selected project.

  • Select the target device (default used for development is SDP-K1) and click on 'Clean build' option to build the project. After a successful build a binary will be downloaded to your computer- store this on your drive. Drag and drop this binary to the USB drive hosted by your controller board to flash the MCU.

Note: If you intend to build different project, then modify the .medignore file in the root directory as mentioned in step2 and clean build project as mentioned in step3

Building Using Make

Clone Precision Converter Repository into local drive of your PC:

git clone

Build Prerequisites

It is required to set up some environment variables so that the build process find the necessary tools.

Necessary tools and configuration

  • Add the path of GnuWin32/bin directory into system environmental path variable.
  • Install GNU Arm Embedded compiler (for the development, 9-2019-q4-major version is used).
  • Add the path of GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain bin directory to system environmental path variable.
  • Configure the compiler location with Mbed CLI. This can be carried out by running the “mbed config -G GCC_ARM_PATH “path-to-your-gcc-compiler”” in Command Prompt. For example you can run mbed config -G GCC_ARM_PATH “C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\9 2019-q4-major\bin” in command prompt. It will set mentioned compiler path to all the Mbed Projects.

Building a project

  • Open Command Prompt and change current directory to project directory(eg. “precision-converters-firmware/ad4130_iio-application” directory) which you want to build.
  • Run make command in Command Prompt.
  • After successful build, binary file is created into the Project_Name/build/TARGET_BOARD/COMPILER directory.
  • Run make clean command in Command Prompt to delete the generated build files for the given project.
NOTE: Default TARGET_BOARD is SDP_K1 and COMPILER is GCC_ARM. Current Make based build only support GCC_ARM Compiler.
  • By default project is built for “SDP_K1” Board and “GCC_ARM” Compiler. If you want to build for other Mbed Board, For example If you want to build the project for “DISCO_F769NI” Board then run make TARGET_BOARD=DISCO_F769NI command in Command Prompt. Run make clean TARGET_BOARD=DISCO_F769NI command in Command Prompt to delete the generated build files for the given project.
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