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Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors - Beta Release for ADSP-SC589: Release Notes


This release of Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors is a release specific to the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Kit Development Board. This release does not support other ADSP-SC5xx processors that are supported by the 1.0 Release of Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors.

The release contains an upgrade of all the key components to a recent LTS release. Support for other processors will follow shortly.

Future of this Release

Once the other existing processors have been upgraded to the same versions of U-Boot, Linux and Yocto, this release will be merged and all processors will be supported under a single 2.0 release. At that point, support for this release will cease. All future maintenance for the ADSP-SC589 will then be incorporated into the main Yocto Linux Release.

Getting Started

To build an install Linux on the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Kit please refer to the getting started guide: quickstart_sc589

Supported Linux Distributions

The Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx processors product is formally supported on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-bit. While the product will likely build on other modern Linux distributions, ADI support for build issues will only be provided when using the supported Linux distribution.

Supported Processors and EZ-KITs

The following processors and silicon revisions are supported by the Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx product.

* ADSP-SC589 EZ-Kit

System Requirements

The following system requirements are recommended:

  • Modern multi-core CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • At least 60GB of disk space

For installation on the development board your host PC will require:

  • Two open USB ports

Note: The Yocto Linux product is built from source. For improved performance we recommend at least 4 cores and a SSD disk.

Obtaining Technical Support

You can reach Analog Devices software and tools technical support in the following ways:

New Features And Changes

This beta release is an upgrade to the existing Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx 1.0 release. This is an intermediate release and it does not support any other processors. For other processors supported by the 1.0 release please continue to use the 1.0 Release. The following changes have been applied since the 1.0 release of Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors.

  • U-Boot forked from upstream (Hurrah) upgraded to 2020.10 LTS release
  • Linux kernel upgraded to 5.4 LTS release
  • Yocto upgraded to 3.1 (Dunfell) LTS release
  • GCC upgraded to 9.3
  • Recommended host OS upgraded from Yocto 18.04 to 20.04 (Although both should work)
  • Switched from Busybox to SystemD for boot
  • Profiling support via oProfiler, Ftrace, Strace and perf

Drivers and Peripherals

The beta release contains support for all of the peripherals supported in the previous release of Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx, with one exception. Support for PCIe is no longer provided under Yocto Linux. Documentation for the drivers and peripherals can be found in the regular documentation section of the wiki.

Boot Modes

The following boot modes are supported by the product beta:

  • NFSBoot
  • Ramboot
  • sdcardboot
  • ramboot_emmc

HOME PAGE: Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors

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