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Setting Up The Sources

The following ADI managed repositories are used for the development of Linux for SC5xx:

URL Description Latest Development Branch Latest Release Branch ADI Yocto meta layer develop/yocto-1.0.0 N/A Google repo manifest develop/yocto-1.0.0 N/A ADI scripts develop/yocto-1.0.0 N/A U-Boot Bootloader develop/yocto-1.0.0 N/A Linux kernel develop/yocto-1.0.0 N/A

In order to simplify the checkout process, ADI recommends using Google's repo tool. To use the repo tool create a workspace directory and clone the tool:

mkdir bin
curl > ./bin/repo
chmod a+x ./bin/repo

To set up the sources for development invoke repo with the path to the repo manifest and the active development branch:

./bin/repo init -u -b develop/yocto-1.0.0
./bin/repo sync

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