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Switch back to glibc from musl

This is relevant to Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors 3.0.0 only. Earlier version do not feature this choice, and on later versions this has been simplified a lot

This page provides instructions for reverting a toolchain change introduced in version 3.0.0 of Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors.

Why was that changed?

It is described in the upstream repo of U-Boot: U-Boot Falcon Mode. In short, it's a way to shorten the boot time by allowing the SPL (Secondary Program Loader) to boot the kernel directly, without loading the full bootloader.

A change has been made to reduce the rootFS size as seen here here. Part of that change is to depend on the poky-tiny DISTRO instead of poky. The poky-tiny uses musl to reduce the overall image size. That means that the SDK that is built by Yocto on version 3.0.0 uses musl libc while prior to that, it generated a glibc toolchain.

Although musl is a lot leaner than glibc, they are largely compatible. There is a number of functional differences listed on for further reading.

How to switch back?

Switching back to glibc is as simple as a single commit revert on the meta-adi layer. Here's how to do that:

Prepare the build

Follow the steps in the 3.0.0 Quickstart guide up to and including the 'Preparing the buildtool' step.

Revert the commit

A single commit must be reverted to fall back into glibc ($PROJECTDIR being whatever you called your project upon creating it):

$ cd $PROJECTDIR/sources/meta-adi/
$ git revert 540ce488d3364caf4e783f018b12087857bbdebf

At this point you need to edit meta-adi-adsp-sc5xx/classes/adsp-sc5xx.bbclass with your favorite text editor, e.g.

$ vi meta-adi-adsp-sc5xx/classes/adsp-sc5xx.bbclass

and delete the bottom conflict text:

<<<<<<< HEAD
IMAGE_FSTYPES:append = " tar.xz jffs2 "
#For some reason on poky-tiny, INIT_MANAGER="systemd" does not appear to work
#For now, let's relink directly to systemd
fakeroot do_set_init(){
    rm -rf ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/sbin/init
    ln -s /lib/systemd/systemd ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/sbin/init
addtask do_set_init after do_rootfs before do_image
>>>>>>> parent of 540ce48... Further reduce RFS size via poky-tiny.conf instead of poky.conf

Proceed with building.

You can now proceed with the rest of the Quickstart guide instructions.

Doing this will increase the FIT+RFS sizes such that the SPI boot paths no longer work because of insufficient space on the smaller board flashes (16MB or 32MB). TFTP/NFS/MMC/SD should still work.
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