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Linux Video Driver


This section describes the steps required to build and use video driver to capture or display video images on Linux using an ADSP-SC5xx board, a Video Decoder EI3 Extender Board and a Video Encoder EI3 Extender Board.

The Linux Kernel Media Subsystems provides support for devices like webcams, streaming capture and output, analog TV, digital TV, AM/FM  radio, Sofware Digital Radio (SDR) and remote controllers.

The Linux Media Infrastructure API converges the kernel to userspace APIs used on media drivers. It has 4 parts:

  • Part I: The V4L2 API
  • Part II: The Linux DVB API
  • Part III: The Remote Controller API
  • Part IV: The Media Controller API

For more information about the Linux Kernel Media Subsystems, please refer to

Hardware Required

  • An ADSP-SC5XX EZ-Board
    • ADSP-SC589 Ezkit v1.1 and above, or,
    • ADSP-SC573 Ezkit v1.2 (BOM 1.8) and above
  • A Video Decoder EI3 Extender Board, or
  • A Video Encoder EI3 Extender Board
  • HDMI Cable and 3RCA Cable


The Enhanced Parallel Peripheral Interface (EPPI) is a half-duplex, bidirectional port with a dedicated clock pin and three frame sync (FS) pins directly output from the processor. It can support direct connections to active TFT LCDs, parallel A/D and D/A converters, video encoders and decoders, image sensor modules and other general-purpose peripherals. We can find EPPI port from P1A connector on the back of ADSP-SC5XX EZ-Board.

Refer below pages for the detailed useage of ADI video encoders and decoders ADV7842, ADV7511, ADV7343 on ADSP-SC5XX EZ-Board.

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