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USB Gadget Zero

This page provides how to use the USB Gadget Zero on ADSP-SC5xx board, and it will include the below test:

  • USB gadget zero bulk
  • USB Gadget zero control
  • USB Gadget zero test

Hardware Configuration

Connect the USB micro-B plug cable into the USB HS/OTG Device port, as showing below:

Software Configuration

On the Yocto, Configure the linux-kernel as below to set the USB controller in Gadget only mode, and enable the USB Gadget zero relevant options.

$ bitbake linux-adi -c menuconfig

Configure the USB drivers to Gadget only mode (or Dual role mode )

Device Drivers  --->
	[*] USB support  --->
                <*>   Inventra Highspeed Dual Role Controller
                        MUSB Mode Selection (Gadget only mode)  --->
                        *** Platform Glue Layer *** 
                <*>     ADI
                        *** MUSB DMA mode ***
                [N]     Disable DMA (always use PIO)  
                [*]       Inventra
                <*>   USB Gadget Support  --->

Configure the Gadget zero support

Device Drivers  --->
	[*] USB support  --->
                <*>   USB Gadget Support  --->
                      <M>   USB Gadget precomposed configurations
                      <M>     Gadget Zero (DEVELOPMENT) 

Example Usage

Ez-Kit target board

root@adsp-sc589-ezkit:~# modprobe g_zero
zero gadget: Gadget Zero, version: Cinco de Mayo 2008
zero gadget: zero ready
zero gadget: high-speed config #3: source/sink

On the Linux-Host PC

  • Get the testusb

Please following the usbtest to get the resources:tools-software/linuxdsp/docs/linux-kernel-and-drivers/usb/usbtest/testusb.c. and then compile the source code with the command:

gcc -Wall -g -pthread -o testusb testusb.c
  • run the gadget zero test
#set -x
lsmod |grep usbtest
sudo modprobe usbtest
lsmod |grep usbtest
sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices | grep -i "Gadget Zero"
lsusb|grep -i "Gadget Zero"|awk '{print $2" "$4}'
gadget_bus=$(lsusb|grep -i "Gadget Zero"|awk '{print $2}')
gadget_bus=`echo $gadget_bus | tr -cd "[0-9]"`
gadget_dev=$(lsusb|grep -i "Gadget Zero"|awk '{print $4}')
gadget_dev=`echo $gadget_dev | tr -cd "[0-9]"`
  sudo ./testusb -D /dev/bus/usb/$gadget_bus/$gadget_dev -t${1}
echo "Gadget zero bulk mode test "
for i in $(seq 1 8)  
do_test $i
do_test 13
echo "Gadget zero control mode test "
do_test 9
do_test 10
sudo ./testusb -D /dev/bus/usb/$gadget_bus/$gadget_dev -t14 -c 15000 -s 256 -v 1
  • Test log:
test@madara:~$ sh 
usbtest                36864  0
S:  Product=Gadget Zero
002 023:
Gadget zero bulk mode test 
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 1,    0.126166 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 2,    0.126849 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 3,    0.127574 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 4,    0.125543 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 5,    1.515107 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 6,    0.623720 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 7,    1.528005 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 8,    0.626151 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 13,    2.774978 secs
Gadget zero control mode test 
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 9,    1.920662 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 10,    3.265069 secs
unknown speed	/dev/bus/usb/002/023	0
/dev/bus/usb/002/023 test 14,    3.812687 secs

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