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Linux MTD Driver


This section describes the steps required to build and use MTD(Memory Technology Device) subsystem on Linux using an ADSP-SC5xx board. The MTD software stack looks like below:

    SPI NOR framework
     SPI bus driver
      SPI NOR chip

Hardware Setup

An ADSP-SC5xx EZ-Board:

  • ADSP-SC589 Ezkit v1.1 and above, or,
  • ADSP-SC584 Ezkit v1.0 and above, or,
  • ADSP-SC573 Ezkit v1.2 (BOM 1.8) and above
  • ADSP-SC589 MINI v1.4 and above

Software Configuration

Configure Linux Kernel

The following configuration should be done on top of the SC589-ezkit/SC584-ezkit/SC573-ezkit default configuration. Run bitbake linux-adi -c menuconfig and configure the kernel as follows: Enable MTD and SPI NOR flash w25x driver.

Device Drivers  --->
    <*> Memory Technology Device (MTD) support  ---> 

        <*>   Command line partition table parsing
        <*>   Caching block device access to MTD devices
        <*>   SPI-NOR device support  --->
        Self-contained MTD device drivers  ---> 
            <*> Support most SPI Flash chips (AT26DF, M25P, W25X, ...)

Enable JFFS2 filesystem support.

File systems  --->
    [*] Miscellaneous filesystems  --->
        <*>   Journalling Flash File System v2 (JFFS2) support

Enable Packages

Enable the mtd-utils and mtd-utils-ubifs support, it's enabled in adsp-sc5xx-full image by default.

vim build/conf/local.conf
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "mtd-utils mtd-utils-ubifs"


Get the MTD device info.

# cat /proc/mtd 
dev:    size   erasesize  name 
mtd0: 00080000 00001000 "uboot (spi)" 
mtd1: 00580000 00001000 "kernel (spi)" 
mtd2: 00a00000 00001000 "root file system (spi)" 
# mtdinfo 
Count of MTD devices:           3 
Present MTD devices:            mtd0, mtd1, mtd2 
Sysfs interface supported:      yes 
# mtdinfo /dev/mtd0 
Name:                           uboot (spi) 
Type:                           nor 
Eraseblock size:                4096 bytes, 4.0 KiB 
Amount of eraseblocks:          128 (524288 bytes, 512.0 KiB) 
Minimum input/output unit size: 1 byte 
Sub-page size:                  1 byte 
Character device major/minor:   90:0 
Bad blocks are allowed:         false 
Device is writable:             true 

Erase the MTD device.

# flash_erase -j -q /dev/mtd1 0 0

Mount the MTD device.

# mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock1 /mnt

Read and Write data to the MTD device.

# echo hello > /mnt/test
# cat /mnt/test 

Unmount the MTD device.

# umount /mnt

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