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Multi-Core Communication

The Yocto Linux Product provides user space APIs that allow applications to easily communicate with the SHARC cores of the ADSP-SC5xx processor.

Communication is performed using the Multi-core Communications API (MCAPI) specification which defines an API and a semantics for communication and synchronization between processing cores in embedded systems. MCAPI is supported on the SHARC cores of the ADSP-SC5xx processors in both bare-metal and RTOS using CrossCore Embedded Studio. For more information about MCAPI, please refer to the MCAPI Specification document from

ADSP-SC5xx is a series of products with multiple processor cores (two SHARC+ cores and an ARM® Cortex-A5 processor), this page provides some approaches to support the multi-core communication/control termed as the Internal Cores Communications (ICC) which contains the sections:

Core Control
Enable and Disable SHARC Cores
Introduction of MCAPI examples
Run Linux on ARM and bare-metal application on SHARC
MCAPI Supported Functions

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