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MCAPI Supported Functions

The Yocoto Linux Product supports a subset of the APIs stated in the MCAPI specification, version 2.0.15.

Inter-core communication is only supported using messaging mode. Communication using packet and scalar types is not supported. Communication can be performed using blocking and non-blocking methods. The following table summarizes the APIs supported in this release of the Yocto Linux.

Function Supported APIs Un-supported APIs
General Functions
Initialize MCAPI Environment mcapi_initialize
Finalize MCAPI Environment mcapi_finalize
Get Domain ID mcapi_domain_id_get
Get Node ID mcapi_node_id_get
Initialize Structure Values mcapi_node_init_attributes
Change Default Values mcapi_node_set_attribute
Query Node Attributes mcapi_node_get_attribute
Endpoint Functions
Create Endpoint mcapi_endpoint_create
Delete Endpoint mcapi_endpoint_delete
Get Endpoint Identifier mcapi_endpoint_get_i
Query Endpoint Attribute mcapi_endpoint_get_attribute
Assign Endpoint Attribute mcapi_endpoint_set_attribute
Message Functions
Send message mcapi_msg_send_i
Receive message mcapi_msg_recv_i
Check Message Availability mcapi_msg_available
Non-Blocking, Connectionless Message, Packet, and Channel Functions
Wait for Completion of Operation mcapi_wait
Check for Non-blocking Ops Completion mcapi_test
Cancel Non-blocking Ops mcapi_cancel
Wait for Completion of Ops List mcapi_wait_any
Support Functions
Display MCAPI Status Message mcapi_display_status
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