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Mobile Storage Interface (MSI)


Some of the ADSP-SC5xx processors provide a mobile storage interface(MSI). MSI is a fast, synchronous controller that uses various protocols to communicate with MMC, SD, and SDIO cards to address the growing storage need in embedded systems, handheld and consumer electronics applications requiring low power. The MSI is compatible with the following protocols.

  • MMC (Multimedia Card) bus protocol
  • SD (Secure Digital) bus protocol
  • SDIO (Secure Digital Input Output) bus protocol

All of these storage solutions use similar interface protocols. The main difference between MMC and SD support is the initialization sequence. The main difference between SD and SDIO support is the use of interrupt and read wait signals for SDIO.

Hardware Setup

  • An ADSP-SC5xx EZ-Board:
    • ADSP-SC589 Ezkit v1.1 and above, or,
    • ADSP-SC584 Ezkit v1.0 and above, (the SC584 processor does not include the MSI interface), or,
    • ADSP-SC573 Ezkit v1.2 (BOM 1.8) and above
  • SD card

The SD/MMC card slot is J18 on the SC589-EZKIT and SC573-EZKIT board. This slot accepts full-size SD and MMC cards, or microSD cards with an adapter.

Software Configuration

To enable the MSI driver add the following MSI-related config macros in include/configs/sc589-ezkit.h or include/configs/sc573-ezkit.h

#define CONFIG_MMC

Build and Load Uboot

A UBoot image can now be built and loaded onto the target board.  See Building The Linux Components and Installing Linux On The Hardwarefor details.

Usage of MSI Driver

Initialize MSI(MMC/SDIO) Sub-System

# mmc info
Device: SC5XX SDH
Manufacturer ID: 3
OEM: 5344
Name: SD01G
Tran Speed: 25000000
Rd Block Len: 512
SD version 1.10
High Capacity: No
Capacity: 968.8 MiB
Bus Width: 4-bit 

Get More MMC Command Usage

# mmc help
# help mmc



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