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Partial Reconfiguration Plugin

The Partial Reconfiguration plugin works with the IIO Oscilloscope. You always use the latest version if possible.

Read more about Partial Reconfiguration by following this link: Partial Reconfiguration.

Screenshots / Descriptions

Reconfigurable Partition

  • Reconfiguration File: Displays the full path of a .bin file that can be selected using the file-chooser button on the left side. The new configuration applies automatically without the need of an Apply button.

Register Access

  • Core: Selects a register map between the ADC and the DAC.
  • PR_STATUS: Status register of the Partial Reconfiguration. Read Only.
  • PR_CONTROL: Control register of the Partial Reconfiguration. Read/Write access.
  • Read Button: Reads and displays the PR_STATUS and PR_CONTROL registers.
  • Write Button: Writes data to PR_CONTROL register.
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