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iio_writedev is part of the Libiio package, a library that has been developed to ease the development of software interfacing Linux Industrial I/O (IIO) devices. There are four main userspace helper/utilities:

  • iio_attr : read and write IIO attributes
  • iio_info : dump the IIO attributes
  • iio_readdev : read an IIO buffer device
  • iio_writedev : write an IIO buffer device
  • iio_reg : read or write SPI or I2C registers in an IIO device (useful to debug drivers)

analog@imhotep:~$ iio_writedev -h
        iio_writedev [-n <hostname>] [-t <trigger>] [-T <timeout-ms>] [-b <buffer-size>] [-s <samples>] <iio_device> [<channel> ...]

        -h, --help
                        Show this help and quit.
        -n, --network
                        Use the network backend with the provided hostname.
        -u, --uri
                        Use the context with the provided URI.
        -t, --trigger
                        Use the specified trigger.
        -b, --buffer-size
                        Size of the capture buffer. Default is 256.
        -s, --samples
                        Number of samples to write, 0 = infinite. Default is 0.
        -T, --timeout
                        Buffer timeout in milliseconds. 0 = no timeout
        -a, --auto
                        Scan for available contexts and if only one is available use it.
        -c, --cyclic
                        Use cyclic buffer mode.


# iio_readdev -b 100000 cf-ad9361-lpc | iio_writedev -b 100000 cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc

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