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JESD204B Status Utility

The jesd_status utility is in some sense similar to the JESD204B Eye Scan application. It currently doesn't support EYE SCAN, but can show all the link and lane status information, similar to the JESD204B Eye Scan, while being much more lightweight and doesn't require a graphical desktop environment. It can be started from a serial root console or from a SSH terminal.

It interfaces with the JESD204 Interface Framework:

And reads the status information of all devices from SYSFS, aggregates and processes them and finally pretty prints it to the terminal in a continuous fashion. A single key event will terminate the application.


Running the software

The software is started from the command line (it's better to do this as root):

Usage: jesd_status [-s] [-p PATH] 
    -s     Simple mode no boxes and frames (useful for serial terminals)
    -p     Allows setting a different directory root. Default is /. 
           This is useful when running the tool remote

Running local

This specifies any root shell prompt running on the target

root@analog:~# jesd_status

Running local via a simple terminal

Depending on the terminal used colors might be unsupported and boxes, frames might not be properly displayed. The -s option allows to disable boxes, while setting the TERM variable will fix the display.

This specifies any root shell prompt running on the target

root@analog:~# TERM=vt100 jesd_status -s

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