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DAQ2/3 Plugin Description

The DAQ2/3 plugin works with the IIO Oscilloscope. You always use the latest version if possible. Changing any field will immediately write changes which have been made to the DAQ2/3 settings to the hardware, and then read it back to make sure the setting is valid. If you want to set something that the GUI changes to a different number, that either means that GUI is rounding (sorry), or the hardware (either the AD9144 (DAQ2), AD9152(DAQ3), AD9680 (DAQ2/3) or the FPGA fabric) does not support that mode/precision.

The DAQ2/3 view is divided in three sections:

  • ADC
  • DDS
  • DAC


  • Sampling frequency(MHz): Displays the sample rate of the ADC.
  • Test options: Sets the ADC channels in different testing modes.


  • DDS Mode: Selects one of the available modes:
    1. One CW Tone
    2. Two CW Tones
    3. Independent I/Q Control
    4. DAC Buffer Output
      • Any data using the buffer must be of even length with the standard DMA drivers and HDL.
    5. Disabled
  • Tone
    • Frequency(Mhz): Selects the frequency of the tone. Read More
    • Scale: Selects the scale of the tone. Read More
    • Phase(degrees): Selects the phase of the tone. Read More


  • Data: Displays the DAC data clock (MHz).
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