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CN0357 Plugin Description

The CN0357 view is divided in three sections:

  • ADC Settings: Lists the available options of the AD7790 converter.
  • Feedback Settings: Lists the available options of the AD5270 rheostat or fixed resistor feedback.
  • System: Lists measurements and parameters of the CN0357 system.

ADC Settings

  • Update Rate (Hz): Sets the output rate of the ADC.

Feedback Settings

  • Feedback Type: Allows user to declare the type of the feedback resistance that is being used on the CN0357 Board. It can be either the digital rheostat or a fixed resistor.
  • RDAC Value / Resistor (Ohm): The raw value to be written to the RDAC register of the rheostat. / The value of the resistor used instead.
  • Program Rheostat: Writes the value at RDAC Value field to the device.


  • Measurements
    • Concentration (ppm): Displays the current concentration measured by the system.
    • Conversion (mV): Voltage measured by the ADC converter.
    • Supply Voltage (V): VDD supply voltage of the ADC converter.
  • Data
    • Sensor Sensitivity (nA/ppm): The maximum amount of current in nanoamps (nA) the sensor will use per part per million (ppm).
    • Feedback Resistance (Ohm): The feedback resistance of the transimpedance amplifier on the CN0357 Board.
    • ppm/mV: The system conversion coefficient of ppm/mV.
    • mV/ppm: The system conversion coefficient of mV/ppm.

The measurements are being continuously displayed at regular intervals of 1 second.

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