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ADI Kuiper Linux with support for Evaluation

This is a version of the standard ADI Kuiper Linux SD card image that has been customized to support product evaluation with the ACE software. This image is pre-configured to boot Linux on the ZedBoard and also enables the ZedBoard USB OtG port so that ACE can connect to the board for configuration and data capture using IIO over USB to simplify PC connections.

If you are looking for the normal ADI Kuiper Linux SD card image, that is available from this page: Kuiper Linux.


  • You need a Host PC (Windows or Linux).
  • You need a SD card writer connected to above PC (Supported USB SD readers/writers are OK).

Download Linux Image

The BOLD is what you should type. It's not too much more than Special Agent Oso's three special steps, and it also allows you to go for that specialty coffee you have been craving.

Make sure you unzip the image using either 7-zip or on Linux it can be done via command-line unzip <image_name>.zip. The actual file that needs to be dumped to the SD card has to have the *.img extension.
Your SD-card needs to be at least 16 GB.
If your computer has security restrictions imposed by your company's IT department, which prevent you from writing data to SD-cards (or the data is encrypted when written on the SD-card), then consider using a computer that doesn't have such restrictions or communicating with your IT department to find a solution.
  • 28 July 2021 ADI Kuiper Linux with support for ACE Evaluation - Release 5, 2 April 2024
    • Supports the following evaluation boards:
      • EVAL-AD4630-24FMCZ, EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ, EVAL-AD4630-16FMCZ
      • EVAL-ADAQ8092-FMCZ
      • EVAL-AD4858FMCZ
      • EVAL-AD4080FMCZ
    • After writing this image to an SD card, the boot configuration needs to be set to match the evaluation board that is going to be used with ACE.
      • The default boot configuration is for an EVAL-ADAQ8092-FMCZ board.
    • To configure for a different evaluation board, boot the ZedBoard with the imaged SD card, and connect a USB cable to the ZedBoard USB UART or OtG port. Then using a terminal program, e.g. putty or Teraterm, open a serial port at 115200 baud to get a terminal shell.
    • Then run the script that corresponds to the board you want to use with the options required.
      • eval-ad4630 - same script for EVAL-AD4630-24FMCZ, EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ, EVAL-AD4630-16FMCZ
      • eval-adaq8092
      • eval-ad4858
      • eval-ad4080
    • Add configure after the script name to get a list of the different configuration options required by a given script. Each script has specific configure options.
      • For Example: eval-ad4858 configure to get the options, and then eval-ad4858 configure cmos to do the configuration action
      • If an invalid set of options is selected, errors will be reported.
  • md5sum 56901ab486d6d3f1b5e62b2661f53827
  • md5sum 2021-07-28-ADI-Kuiper-full-for-ace-r5-2024-04-02.img 33349d31cad19197ac706b80486e07f7

Older Releases (Click to expand)

Older Releases (Click to expand)

  • 28 July 2021 ADI Kuiper Linux with support for ACE Evaluation - Release 4, 16 September 2022
    • Supports EVAL-AD4630-24FMCZ, EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ, EVAL-AD4630-16FMCZ and EVAL-ADAQ8092-FMCZ.
    • Default Image boot configuration expects an AD4630/4030 board.
    • To change to the ADAQ8092 board:
      • Configure the SD card boot project to be the zynq-zed-adv7511 per these Instructions and boot the ZedBoard
      • Connect to a ZedBoard USB serial port using putty or Teraterm at 115200 baud to get a terminal shell window.
      • Run the command eval-adaq8092 configure LVDS_MODE to change the boot configuration to the ADA8092 board.
      • Run the command eval-ad46430 to get a list of the options if you need to switch back to an AD4630/4030 board.
  • Checksum 97f17a390601765bac28b4a5ba1a0fa5
  • Checksum 2021-07-28-ADI-Kuiper-full-for-ace-r4-2022-09-16.img 4a8ad263bd8a7de6ef68078135728ad7
  • 28 July 2021 ADI Kuiper Linux with support for ACE Evaluation - Release 3, 9 June 2022
    • Supports EVAL-AD4630-24FMCZ, EVAL-AD4030-24FMCZ and EVAL-AD4630-16FMCZ.
  • Checksum ad07297789f48db0d3745f745f0eb19f
  • Checksum 2021-07-28-ADI-Kuiper-full-for-ace 2022-06-09.img 90385ab164742f4174a3e97400dcc4c1

Now, depending on if you are using Linux or Windows, follow these instructions to write the file to your SD card.

Once the SD card image is programmed it can be inserted into the host controller SD card slot. Follow the hardware setup guide for the evaluation board you are using to complete the setup to get up and running.

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