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Release Notes


Release Image

  • Details about how to burn the SD card can be found on Kuiper Linux wiki page.

2021_r1 Release Image

  • Checksum 9201b9e6580a0ce5c606f40f99c11b9a
  • Checksum 2022-08-04-ADI-Kuiper-full.img: dbbee112f5174dc23b4f5142994e4ff9
  • 2021_r1 Boot Partition Files Only can be downloaded from here
  • MD5 checksum: b164bc154aeecd3f5454a1c8c6af5479

Known issues

1. Kuiper image does not extend to the capacity of SD Card.

Workaround: This happens when first use of a new created SD card is on a development board. If you see that the root fs partition is not extended to the SD card size minus 2 GB (fixed size of boot partition), just open a terminal and type:

raspi-config --expand-rootfs

2. Writing SD cards with Balena Etcher (version 1.7.9) from Windows10 or Ubuntu Disk Image Writer from Ubuntu 20.04/ 22.04 may give an error at the end, on validating SD card.

Even so, SD cards should be written properly, so you can ignore it. As alternatives you can use Win32 Disk Imager (version 1.0) from Windows or 'dd' command from linux systems.

3. Development boards may have a big delay (about 1.5 minutes) when are powered off (“poweroff”, “reboot” of “shutdown” commands).

Workaround: modify “DefaultTimeoutStopSec” in file “/etc/systemd/system.conf” from 90 sec to 10 sec (or any another smaller value), killing in this way all hanging processes after 10 seconds and begin “poweroff” procedure.

4. Video output may not work. There are two scripts that can be run in Kuiper terminal: - which is used to create a display for zynq based boards and - which is used to create display for zynqmp based boards. Running the one for zynq on a zynqmp device or vice versa will broke video output. The solution is to delete the wrong created file if there exists (/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/xorg.conf is created by and /etc/X11/xorg.conf is created by

Also, if image is not shown properly using Display Port, check here the list of monitors supported by Xilinx

5. Keyboard layout may revert back to English(UK) - default one. This is expected behavior in Raspberry Pi OS ( you can find the whole discussion here ).

6. On Arria10 SOC with cn0506_mii, IPs are not assigned on both ports even if dhcp is enabled.

7. Arria10 SOC, Cyclone5 SOC and DE10 Nano boards will automatically start-up few seconds after “poweroff” commmand is given and the board shuts down.

Workaround: you can disable watchdog from u-boot, with the risk that boot process to hang if there are issues.

8. ADI Diagnostic Report generate an empty report when is ran from System Tools Menu.

Workaround: run “adi_diagnostic_report” command from terminal.


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Old Releases (Click to expand)

Old Releases (Click to expand)

  • 28 July 2021 release (2019_r2)
  • Checksum 279097240dec7156ff5e15b7ce0b8a25
  • Checksum 2021-07-28-ADI-Kuiper-full.img: b160453396e482234094a92134769ec6
  • 22 June 2020 release (2019_r1)
  • Checksum 2019_R1-2020_06_22.img.xz 6ac6fc0733baba361acb66bd4cb050be
  • Checksum 2019_R1-2020_06_22.img 3135f400387c39f29dc877e68636a875
  • 23 May 2019 release (2018_R2)
  • Checksum 2018_R2-2019_05_23.img.xz c377ca95209f0f3d6901fd38ef2b4dfd
  • Checksum 2018_R2-2019_05_23.img 59c2fe68118c3b635617e36632f5db0b
  • 26 June 2018 release (2018_R1)
  • Checksum 2018_R1-2018_06_26.img.xz 5075da2695de84c88f086e85f1a6da51
  • Checksum 2018_R1-2018_06_26.img e48c63736517b4c4051be5486fd62ad5
  • 29 January 2018 release (2017_R1)
  • Checksum 2017_R1-2018_01_29.img.xz 020d696244655d19056ce1fff1f63f25
  • Checksum 2017_R1-2018_01_29.img a698a6ef59825bd63654c1d45b99f4c8
  • 29 June 2017 release (2016_R2)
  • Checksum 2016_R2-2017_06_29.img.xz 9f20adb27c5502a96fa56fa0f3088bd9
  • Checksum 2016_R2-2017_06_29.img 71b91e14dd1bd83779487850461440ea
  • 23 December 2016 release (2016_R1)
  • Checksum 2016_R1-2016_12_23.img.xz f167bfad87f9b9856d3b94297385a375
  • Checksum 2016_R1-2016_12_23.img edf8ea425576c9dd913e74e44c404e04
  • 26 July 2016 release (2015_R2)
  • Checksum 2015_R2-2016_07_26.img.xz 1520D974FBAADA6107B4C41606C40264
  • Checksum 2015_R2-2016_07_26.img E0D5748101D476FCA807C20EEF03E788
  • 22 December 2015 release (2015_R1)
  • Checksum 2015_R1-2015_12_22.img.xz a8f3ed68625043e180c95677123794bd
  • Checksum 2015_R1-2015_12_22.img fd1e4154e59e7dc62e508a4cdc522db5
  • 6 February 2015 release (2014_R2)
  • Checksum 2014_R2-2015_02_06.img.xz bb76031fcd68fd9b1a175a2f7fd3e053
  • Checksum 2014_R2-2015_02_06.img 132d03a2888db34f10f0ebbcb3100ae7
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