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AD2S1210 IIO Resolver-to-Digital Converter Linux Driver

Supported Devices

Evaluation Boards

Reference Circuits


This is a Linux industrial I/O (IIO) subsystem driver, targeting Resolver-to-Digital Converters. The industrial I/O subsystem provides a unified framework for drivers for many different types of converters and sensors using a number of different physical interfaces (i2c, spi, etc). See IIO for more information.

Source Code


Source Mainlined?
git Yes


Adding Linux driver support

Configure kernel with “make menuconfig” (alternatively use “make xconfig” or “make qconfig”)

The Driver depends on CONFIG_SPI

Linux Kernel Configuration
	Device Drivers  --->
		[*] Staging drivers  --->
			<*>     Industrial I/O support --->
			    --- Industrial I/O support
			    -*-   Enable ring buffer support within IIO
			    -*-     Industrial I/O lock free software ring
			    -*-   Enable triggered sampling support

			          *** Resolver to digital converters ***

			    <*>   Analog Devices AD2S1210 driver


Driver Usage

The device file path may looks like,


There are two files:

File Name Permission Usage
raw_io read/write raw SPI read/write
reset write only soft reset
fclkin read/write show/store input clock
fexcit read/write show/store excitation clock
control read/write show/store control register
bits read/write show/store resolution
fault read only show fault register
pos read only 10/12/14/16 bits unsigned angular value
vel read only 10/12/14/16 bits signed velocity value
pos_vel read only 10/12/14/16 bits unsigned angular and signed velocity value
los_thrd read/write show/store los threshold register
dos_ovr_thrd read/write show/store dos overange register
dos_mis_thrd read/write show/store dos mismatch register
dos_rst_max_thrd read/write show/store dos reset maximum register
dos_rst_min_thrd read/write show/store dos reset minimum register
lot_high_thrd read/write show/store lot high threshold
lot_low_thrd read/write show/store lot low threshold
description read only description about this chip

More Information

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