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This page is the landing page for licensing information for several Analog Devices Software Products. For further information please refer to the section for your specific product.

CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES)

If you registered your license via the one-step activation process, your license is already activated and you can simply save the email that you will receive as a record of your license serial number and validation code. No additional action on your part is required.

If you registered your license via our online registration form, you must now manually install the validation code that you should have received via email, in order to activate your license. To install your validation code, please go to Help → Manage Licenses… from within the IDE. Then select the appropriate serial number and after clicking Validate, enter the code and click OK.

For further information on CrossCore Embedded Studio licensing please refer to the Licensing Guide:

For technical support contact Analog Devices Processor Tools at:

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