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Hardware and software set up

To run the FreeRTOS examples, this section would guide users how to get the hardware and software ready, including get the FreeRTOS source code and set up running environment.

Get the hardware ready

The Analog Devices FreeRTOS product supports reference development board from Analog Devices for the SHARC+ and Blackfin BF70x processor families.

Below is a list of the hardware involved.

ADI reference board:

Jtag debugger:


A Windows 8.1 or 10 PC is required. Verify that your PC has these minimum requirements:

  • 2 GHz single core processor; 3.3GHz dual core or better recommended
  • 4 GB RAM; 8GB or more recommended
  • 3 GB available disk space
  • 1 USB port for ICE
  • 1 USB port for UART (required for I/O on Cortex-A5 cores)

Get the source code ready

Latest versions

For ADI FreeRTOS version 2.0.0 and later, combined sources are available from GitHub: freertos/tree/release/FreeRTOSv10.4.x

The latest sources are automatically downloaded and configured via the FreeRTOS Add-In for CCES, more details can be found at freertos-addin

Previous versions

For details on finding legacy versions of FreeRTOS, see legacy-versions

CrossCore Embedded Studio

CrossCore Embedded Studio is available from en/design-center/evaluation-hardware-and-software/software/adswt-cces.html

FreeRTOS is supported from CrossCore Embedded Studio version 2.8.0. The FreeRTOS Add-In is supported from CrossCore Embedded Studio version 2.10.1.

System Resources Used By FreeRTOS

Details of the system resources used by FreeRTOS can be found here.

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