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Whilst we always recommend using the latest version of FreeRTOS possible, we understand that older versions are often required for compatibility or compliance reasons.

Zip file

For releases up to ADI FreeRTOS version 1.5.x, source code for both upstream official FreeRTOS release, and the Analog Devices FreeRTOS add on product release are required.

The version 1.5.1 overlay zip file containing FreeRTOS sources and Demos can be downloaded from license/licensing-agreement/freertos-licensing-agreement-current.html

This zip file needs to be overlayed on top of a standard FreeRTOS version 10 directory which can be downloaded from


Previous versions of ADI FreeRTOS are available via Github.

There is a branch containing the latest ADI version for each FreeRTOS version : FreeRTOS/branches

There is a tag for each ADI released version : FreeRTOS/tags

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