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   echo fast_attack > /​sys/​bus/​iio/​devices/​iio:​device1/​in_voltage1_gain_control_mode   echo fast_attack > /​sys/​bus/​iio/​devices/​iio:​device1/​in_voltage1_gain_control_mode
-Then, the **iio_fm_radio** tool will playback the desired channel: +Then, the **iio_fm_radio_play** tool will playback the desired channel ​on the speaker of the HDMI monitor: 
-  iio_fm_radio 95.5+  iio_fm_radio_play 95.5 
 +To directly get access to the audio waveform data the **iio_fm_radio** tool can be used. This tool outputs the audio data (in 16-bit mono at 48kHz) on standard output from where it can be taken and further processed. E.g. the following command plays back the stream on the headphone jack of the ZED board. 
 +  iio_fm_radio 95.5 | aplay -D default:​CARD=ADAU1761 -r 48000 -f S16
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