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ADAS1000 - Blackfin Framework

Supported Devices

Evaluation Boards


The EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ is a fully featured evaluation kit for the ADAS1000. The evaluation kit consists of an evaluation board kitted with 2 ADAS1000 devices capable of demonstrating ECG capture up to 12 leads. This evaluation board is provided for silicon evaluation purposes and is not designed to be connected directly to animal or human.

This board can be operated in conjunction with the System Development Platform (SDP) or alternatively may be interfaced to directly via a dedicated serial interface connector (J4).

The SDP controller board connects to the PC via USB 2.0. The evaluation board connects to the SDP-B controller board. The ADAS1000 evaluation board cannot be connected directly to the PC. The evaluation software running on the PC will communicate with the evaluation board through the SDP-B Controller board. The SDP Controller board is a separate list item in the ordering guide below (EVAL-SDP-CB1Z). If you have not previously purchased an SDP-B Controller board, please do so to ensure a full evaluation setup.

Framework Functional Description

This project demonstrates a framework developed for Visual DSP Visual DSP to interface the ADAS1000 to the ADSP-BF527 on the SDP-B controller board.

The software has been developed to

  • Configure various registers of ADAS1000 through SPORT1 of ADSP-BF527
  • Read ECG or Test tone data from ADAS1000 to memory of ADSP-BF527 (external SDRAM)
  • Process the data acquired from ADAS1000
  • Display/Plot the processed data


  • VisualDSP5.0 Update 10 * [[adi>ADAS1000]] Eval Board setup, EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ * SDP-B Rev 1.3 (with Emulator to connect to VisualDSP++), [[adi>SDP plot for LA data
  • LL.vps - VDSP++ plot for LL data
  • RA.vps - VDSP++ plot for RA data
  • V1.vps - VDSP++ plot for V1 data
  • V2.vps - VDSP++ plot for V2 data

Implementation Description:

  • 'Reg_Config_Table' is an array which is updated with required ADAS1000 register configuration
  • 'ADAS1000_Open' will initialize ADSP-BF527
  • Software reset of ADAS1000
  • Use 'Reg_Config_Table' and initialize the registers of ADAS1000
  • Read back the register values from ADAS1000 and confirm the values are correctly configured
  • Initialize the data buffers (Input and processed data)
  • In an infinite loop
    1. Capture data frames from ADAS1000
    2. Process the captured frames
    3. Display the processed data


Hardware Setup

  1. Connect J4 of SDP-B Rev 1.3 to J2 of ADAS1000 Eval board
  2. Connect the ECG probe to J1 of ADAS1000 Eval board
  3. Connect the Emulator to JTAG pins (J3) of SDP-B
  4. If Hardware DRDY is used, Connect Probing Card of SDP-B to J2 conector of SDP-B. Connect 'DRDY' pin of ADAS1000 (J4-11) to PH8 pin of ADSP-BF527 coming on Probing Card of SDP-B (J2.85)
  5. Open the project (ADAS1000_SDP_v1.dpj) in Visual DSP++ 5.0 Update 10
  6. Modify UserConfig.h file for required operation
  7. Create and Connect to BF527 Emulator Session in Visual DSP++
  8. Build the project
  9. Run the code. BF527 configures ADAS1000 and data is received continuously from it.
  10. Plot the data
  11. Menu > View > Debug Windows > Plot > Restore
  12. Browse and open LA.vps and other plot files (.vps files)
  13. Right click on the plot > Configure > Modify 'Count' for number of samples
  14. Halt the code, to see the latest 'Count' number of samples plotted
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