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Release Highlights and Previous Versions

ACE 1.25.3217.1403

Released: 4th March 2022

Download ACEInstall_1.25.3217.1403.exe

Release Notes: ACE v1.25 Release Notes

ACE 1.24.3095.1398

Released: 11th November 2021

Download ACEInstall_1.24.3095.1398.exe

Release Notes: ACE v1.24 Release Notes

ACE 1.23.3085.1388 (hotfix)

Released: 13th August 2021

Download ACEInstall_1.23.3085.1388.exe


  1. Fixed typo in Memory Map “Side Effects” column
  2. Fixed issue causing scripted transactions (e.g. macros) to fail with unset parameters

ACE 1.23.3077.1383

Released: 3rd August 2021

Download ACEInstall_1.23.3077.1383.exe


  1. Updated to .NET Framework 4.8
  2. Unbundled “Core” ACE plug-ins, these may now receive updates outside of hotfixes or ACE releases
  3. Added results to default Inverse FFT analysis
  4. Added navigation pane to diagrams in ACE to support pan/zoom on larger diagrams
  5. Increased supported data capture size and software limits removed
  6. Added visual indicator to download button when application update is in progress
  7. Removed asterisk prefix to notify users of Volatile/Side effect registers/bitfields
    • Added a Boolean column to reflect the same information more easily
  8. Fixed session saving bug resolved for unsupported XML characters in path
  9. Fixed NCO block frequency property validation errors displayed on block
  10. Fixed issue where waveform captures even when manually disabled
  11. Fixed object retention issues when closing an active analysis node
  12. Fixed issue getting page count for page groups under certain conditions
  13. Fixed issue where capture status event was not raised when user stops capture
  14. Fixed issue with BigInteger type not supported by engineering notation converters
  15. Fixed issue where scripted macro properties were not re-evaluated

ACE 1.22.3072.1379 (hotfix)

Released: 7th July 2021

Download ACEInstall_1.22.3072.1379.exe


  1. Fix for limited precision in Vector Generator frequency inputs.
  2. Fix for fixed point (integer) frequency input controls affecting Transceivers

ACE 1.22.3063.1372

Released: 6th May 2021

Download ACEInstall_1.22.3063.1372.exe


  1. Improved Register “hex” export option to include context/target chip
  2. Import and replay “hex” or “acehex” Register Sequence/Macro files
  3. FFT Grid aligned to sample frequency, log scale option
  4. Improved wizard performance on expand/collapse
  5. Fix for Analysis view keeping CPU busy
  6. Fix for Averaging FFT for certain configurations
  7. Fixes/Improvements for number formatting an unit scale
  8. Onboard ADC support for SDP-K1
  9. Open Scripts serialized as part of session
  10. Improved IIO robustness

ACE 1.21.3008.1356 (hotfix)

Released: 2nd April 2021

Download: ACEInstall_1.21.3008.1356.exe


  1. Updated EvalClient for Transceivers

ACE 1.21.2994.1347 (hotfix)

Released: 8th Feburary 2021

Download: ACEInstall_1.21.2994.1347.exe


  1. Memory Map compatibility improvements

ACE 1.21

Released: 25th January 2021

Download: ACEInstall_1.21.2985.1344.exe


  1. Python 3.8 with NumPy & PythonNet bundled.
  2. Enhancements to Analysis Graphs, new measurement cursors and annotations.
  3. New Inverse FFT Analysis.
  4. Improved IIO Support and reliability.
  5. Updated Telerik, SciChart, Nlog Libraries for latest performance improvements and fixes.
  6. Various bugfixes and general improvements.
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