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ACE - Glossary of Terms used in ACE

This WIKI site will collect a list of terms used to describe various aspects of ACE and ACE plug-ins to help new and existing users get used to the language used when describing ACE plug-ins and the main application.

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Acquire – Connect to an attached board.

Board - A physical piece of hardware used to evaluate or demonstrate chips and circuits.

Command – An action performed by the user on/through the software.

Component – A board in a subsystem, or a part or chip on a board.

Controller – A component on a board that is used to send commands or data to or receive responses or data from a board or chip under evaluation.

Macro – Recorded keystrokes and mouse activity can be saved as a macro (script) and run again.

Page – A channel that can be figured as part of a Page Group.

Page Group – A group of channels.

Paging – Also known as Local Channelling, is when a part is made up of multiple channels which all need to be configured separately, in the same register map address space of a chip.

Plug-in – The product specific application element.

Release – Disconnect from an attached board.

Session – A collection of settings for the configuration of the User Interface.

Subsystem – A unit that represents a container for components grouped together under a system. It represents a group of physically connected boards. Minimally, a subsystem will consist of a single component.

System – A unit that represents a container for all of the current components that can be addressed by the program. One system at a time is allowed expression within a session. Minimally, a system will consist of a single subsystem. A system does not have to reflect only hardware currently connected to the computer

Toolbar – A container for action buttons.

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