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APPENDIX I: Plugin Upgrades

Plugins can be upgraded to a higher version (if it exists) using either of the following methods

Plugin upgrades

Project version control

  1. On the toolbar click on Tools → project version control. A version control tab will open up.
  2. Select plugin version management.
  3. A list of plugins will be listed in this window as shown in Figure 109.
  4. Select an available plugin version and click on “upgrade”.

Figure 109: Plugin version upgrade through version control

Upgrade of AnalogDevices.Plugins.Channels.A2BChannel is not supported.

Properties window

  1. Single left-click any plugin on the canvas
  2. As shown in Figure 110, on the properties window towards the right, select the required version from the drop-down next to Version.

Figure 110: Plugin version upgrade through Properties window

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