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APPENDIX H: Flashing ADSP-21569 SOM

The following steps can be followed to flash the ADSP-21569-SOM with an .ldr file. Place the intended .ldr file in C:\Analog Devices\ADI_A2B-SSPlus_Software-Rel1.1.0\Target\LDR

  1. Connect the SOM board to the EV-SOM-CRR ez kit.
  2. Connect the ICE-1000 JTAG emulator to the SOM.
  3. Connect a USB cable between the JTAG emulator and PC.
  4. Open the file at C:\Analog Devices\ADI_A2B-SSPlus_Software-Rel1.1.0\Target\Utility\Flash_LDR.bat with notepad.
  5. Replace -driver “./is25lp512m_dpia_21569.dxe” with -driver “./is25lp512m_dpia_2156x.dxe” .
  6. Replace -file ./../LDR/SS_App_21569.ldr with -file ./../LDR/<intended LDR file>.ldr .
  7. Save this file.
  8. Set the bootmode rotary switch on the SOM board to 0.
  9. Turn ON the power to the SOM-CRR board.
  10. Run the saved .bat file and wait for the execution to complete.
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