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Project Migration

A2B projects from SigmaStudio can be imported and saved in SigmaStudio+ format. The following process can be used to migrate a Sigma studio A2B project into Sigma studio plus.

  1. Open an existing A2B SigmaStudio project in SigmaStudio
  2. Link-compile the schematic
  3. Right click on Target processor and select ‘Export System Configuration Files…’ shown below.

    Figure: Exporting system configuration
  4. A dialog box appears as shown in below. Export configuration file in .xml format.

    Figure: System Configuration File export window.
  5. Open Sigma Studio Plus, go to the Action menu, and choose Import SigmaStudio Projects.

    Figure: Import SigmaStudio Projects
  6. Select the .xml Bus Configuration file, which is exported in step 4, and click on Open.
After A2B Schematic is migrated from SigmaStudio to SigmaStudio+, the transceiver settings window should open at least once to download the schematic successfully.
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