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A2BAutomotive Audio Bus
A2B nodeRefers to AD241x/AD242x
BCFBus Configuration File exported from SigmaStudioPlus
BDDBus Description Data exported from Mentor A2B Analyzer application
Master NodeA2B transceiver that is connected to the host processor is considered as the master A2B node
Slave NodeA2B Slave Transceiver with local peripherals such as speakers and microphones
I2CIs a multi-master single-ended serial bus used for attaching low-speed peripherals to a processor. In TWI / I2C protocol the serial data transmission is done in synchronous mode. This protocol uses only two wires named SDA (serial data) and SCL (serial clock) for communicating between two or more ICs.
PALPlatform Abstraction Layer. The code below this layer is platform-specific.
PWMPulse Width Modulation
VMTRVoltage monitor
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