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A2B Bus Analyzer Licensing Guide

A2B Bus Analyzer application provides two ways of activating the Analyzer product depending on the availability of a reliable Internet connection. The two options are described below.

Activate online

If you have Internet connection and want to activate using one-step 'Activate online' (recommended) process, please follow Product Activation section in Quick Start Guide. Upon successful activation you will receive an email confirming the activation. You can simply save this email as a record of your license serial number and validation code. No additional action on your part is required.

Activate offline

If you DO NOT have Internet connection then activate using 'Activate offline' process. This multi-step process will allow obtaining a new validation code or manually install an already obtained validation code, received via email, in order to activate your product.

  • Launch the A2B Bus Analyzer software
  • Connect to your A2B Bus Analyzer hardware
  • From the Help | License Management… menu, select Activate or Update License

  • Enter the “License Key” in the activation wizard when prompted
  • Choose “Activate offline using code obtained via email”

  • Choose “Enable existing validation code”
  • Enter the “Validation Code” in the entry box provided

  • Click Activate

For further A2B Bus Analyzer documentation, please visit our Quick Start Guide

For technical support contact Analog Devices A2B Bus Analyzer Support at

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