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Functional Limitations

The following are the functional limitations of the Analyzer hardware.

Number Summary Description Affects (HW ver) Fixed (HW ver)
No support of power over USB-C Power delivery for the Analyzer unit over USB-C port is currently not supported. Power the unit using the supplied 12V adapter 1.0.0
1337 No access to peripherals on intermediate AD242x nodes In a system with all AD242x nodes or mix of AD242x/3x nodes, if Analyzer is used as a last sub-node, peripherals connected to intermediate AD242x sub nodes are not accessible over remote I2C 1.0.0

Known Issues

The following are the know issues with the Analyzer software.

Number Summary Description Affects (SW ver) Fixed (SW ver)
652 No progress shown for Application Update Download on Linux Progress % will not be shown after clicking update application. The update will download and install in the background after a short time. Progress can be seen if the A2B Bus Analyzer is launched from a Terminal command prompt. 1.2.0
934 License Activation may not succeed if using a VPN Under certain rare circumstances the license activation mechanism may fail if the computer is connected to a VPN. In case of problems users should disconnect their VPN. 1.2.0
1071 If the firmware goes into a bad state, then pressing Reset button on the enclosure only resets the A2B Bus Analyzer board and not the firmware. Power-cycle the board to full reset the A2B Bus Analyzer. 1.2.0
Higher TDM modes such as TDM16/32 are not fully tested Audio might be noisy while sinking the audio channels for these TDM modes when A2B Bus Analyzer is acting as an Emulator. 1.2.0
1249 Simultaneous use of File In and File Out options on Monitor or Emulator can cause audio distortion When using A2B Bus Analyzer as a Monitor or as an Emulator (Main/Sub), using both File In (sourcing WAV from PC) and File Out (recording bus audio as WAV) simultaneously in any project feature can cause distortion in sourced and recorded audio due to too much data throughput between the device and the PC. 1.2.0
1559 Bus Monitor not always available after discovering a mixed topology with AD242x and AD243x on the network In a system with a mix of AD242x/3x nodes, if Bus Monitor is used when the Analyzer is acting as a Main node, then Bus Monitor may not always be available after discovering the network 2.2.0
A2B Bus Analyzer doesn't support monitoring the bus or emulating a node using straight through cables Current hardware of the A2B Bus Analyzer doesn't have the front end circuitry to support straight through cables. Additional circuitry has to be built external to A2B Bus Analyzer by the user in order to use it with straight through cables. 1.0.0
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