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A2B Bus Analyzer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do if I am connected to VPN and my license activation is failing?

A: Under certain rare circumstances the license activation mechanism may fail if the computer is connected to a VPN. In case of problems you should disconnect their VPN. If you are still having issues after that, please get in touch with

Q: My UI was connected to an analyzer board, I disconnected and switched boards and now I cannot connect unless I restart the UI. Is there a bug?

A: The A2B analyzer UI does not do a re-discovery of the board when it is switched. It is up to the user to press refresh so the new board is found. Otherwise, as displayed in the serial number, the UI is trying to connect to a board that is no longer plugged in.

Q: When I am using emulator and monitor together the monitor does not show the data in the bus even if I enabled emulator

A: As documented, the monitor requires a discovery of the network AFTER monitor has been enabled so in the case of sub a link-compile-download from Sigma Studio (or equivalent) is required or in the case of main the apply of the .dat file. Discovering the network before enabling monitor results on no data being displayed.

Q: If I export my event log to a .csv file and open it with Excel the timestamp is incorrect. Does the export contain different data from the event table?

A: The timestamp on the exported file is in the format HH:MM:SS:uS. Excel does not interpret this timestamp correctly and shows the minutes as hours, the seconds as minutes and part of the uS as ms instead. If you open the csv file with a text tool or with MacOS Numbers for example, you can see the correct values. The exported file may contain more information than what can be displayed on the table like full data if the data was too large for the table cells.

Q: I re-flashed my analyzer board and now the tools report that I do not have a license. What can I do?

A: Re-flashing the board removes the license information which was stored at the time of license activation. You should have an email from the activation time that contains both your license key and the validation code. You can use that data again on the same board by utilizing the “Offline activation” feature. If you no longer have your validation code, please request the validation code again from the support team at making sure that you inform them of your device's Hardware Serial Number.

Q: In how many computers can I use an analyzer with the same license?

The A2B Bus Analyzer license is related to the A2B Bus Analyzer board and not to the tools or computers. This means that once a license is linked with the specific board, any number of computers (Windows/MacOS/Linux) can use it, there are no limitations.

Q: How do I run more than one instance of A2B Bus Analyzer UI application on the same machine?

A: A2B Bus Analyzer UI uses two ports: which by default are 5000 and 1880. You need to specify different ports for each instance in order to launch additional copies of the A2B Bus Analyzer UI. Note that environmental variables should be set as individual commands and not concatenated together with &.

cd “C:\Analog Devices\A2B Bus Analyzer”


set A2B_API_PORT=1881

“.\A2B Bus Analyzer.exe”


set A2B_API_PORT=1882

“.\A2B Bus Analyzer.exe”


set A2B_API_PORT=1883

“.\A2B Bus Analyzer.exe” …

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