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ADIS16470/ADIS16475/ADIS16477 are calibrated MEMS IMUs, in a BGA SIP package. Here is what you need to know, for an easy start

  1. Apply +3.3V power
  2. Connect data ready to interrupt pin on master processor
  3. Import code example into master processor IDE/firmware project

Selection Guide

  1. Identify top 3-5 differences between each model
  2. Selection guide links for more details

Basics of Operation

  1. Power/Ground: start-up & regular operation
  2. SPI: how does it work on the ADIS1647x?
  3. Data ready
  4. Input clock modes
  5. Ribbon cable
  6. Code examples

PCB Design Guidance

  1. Schematic
  2. Layout PAD pattern
  3. Key routes
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