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LTspice User Guide – AD8460 Model


The AD8460 is a 110V High Voltage, 1A High Current, Arbitrary Waveform Generator with Integrated 14-Bit High Speed DAC. The LTspice Component Library includes the AD8460 model. Be sure to “Update components” in the drop-down “Tools” menu and ensure you are running the latest version of LTspice which can be found at: LTspice Info center

Comprehensive User Guide

A comprehensive User Guide can be found at LTspice User guide for AD8460 Model.

LTspice Sample Circuits

All LTspice Circuits used are available at LTspice Schematics.

Keep all files in the zip folder in the same folder on your local PC. Run any “.asc” file out of that folder to have all the respective plot windows prepopulated, with the relevant waveforms at simulation time.

AD8460 Block Diagram

AD8460 Block Diagram

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