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The AD5541A, AD5600 are single, 16-bit, serial input, unbuffered voltage output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply.

The DAC output range extends from 0 V to VREF and is guaranteed monotonic, providing ±1 LSB INL accuracy at 16 bits without adjustment over the full specified temperature range of −40°C to +125°C. The AD5541A is available in a 3 mm × 3 mm, 10-lead LFCSP and 10-lead MSOP. The AD5541A-1 is available in a 3 mm × 3 mm, 8-lead LFCSP.

Offering unbuffered outputs, the AD5541A, AD5600 achieve a 1 μs settling time with low power consumption and low offset errors. Providing low noise performance of 11.8 nV/√Hz and low glitch, the AD5541A, AD5600 are suitable for deployment across multiple end systems.

The AD5541A, AD5600 use a versatile 3-wire interface that is compatible with a 50 MHz SPI, QSPI™, MICROWIRE™, and DSP interface standards.

  • Automatic test equipment
  • Precision Source-measure Instruments
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Aerospace Instrumentation
  • Communications Infrastructure equipment
  • Industrial Control

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