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No-OS Build System


This is the complete compilation process. It is made up of three rules, that can be used separately: project, update, build

 make project 

- creates the build directory and the required directory structure

- uses SDK to create a project under the build directory

 make update 

- updates the no-OS sources under the build directory with files specified in

 make build 

- performs the build of files under the build directory using gcc

 make sdkbuild 

- performs the build of files under the build directory using SDK

When modifications are performed, the following three commands trigger the necessary clean actions:

 make clean 

- deletes the artifacts generated during build

 make reset 

- deletes the build directory (this results in a fresh setup for starting the complete compilation process)

 make sdkclean 

- cleans the artifacts (.o, .elf, .hex, etc.) created by the build command using the SDK

 make run 

- downloads and runs the executable on the target board

 make debug 

- downloads the executable on the target board and opens a command-line gdb instance to debug it (only on some platforms)


Compilation Using Generic Tools

Compilation Using Platform-Specific Tools

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