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VSM Watch

General Description

The vital signs monitoring (VSM) watch, EVAL-HCRWATCH4Z, is a modular development, demonstration, and data collection platform for high performance vital signs monitoring applications based on Analog Devices, Inc. analog front ends and sensors. It is a wearable, battery-powered device which enables the continuous monitoring and on-demand spot check measurement of photople¬thysmography (PPG), electrodermal activity (EDA, bioimpedance-based), skin temperature, electrocardiography (ECG, biopotential based), and motion/activity (based on a 3 axis accelerometer). It allows for synchronized, multiparameter data storage on internal memory for later data retrieval and offline analysis and/or live monitoring on a PC (Windows® OS) or Android or iOS-based device.


  • Vital signs monitoring platform
  • Wearable battery powered platform
  • Real-time live data view
  • Data storage to flash memory for offline analyses
  • Easy configuration

Devices Hosted in the VMS Watch

Evaluation Kit Contents

  • The VSM Watch
  • A Charging Cradle
  • A USB Type A to micro-USB cable
  • Firmware Debug Board

Software Needed

  • VSM WaveTool

Preparing The VSM Watch

Before using the VSM Watch, proper preparations must be made. Ensure the battery of the watch is charged and the WaveTool program for PC is installed. See the Powering Up the System for the First Time sections for installation instructions. The watch firmware must be upgraded using the VSM WaveTool.

Conditions for use of this product in Healthcare Applications

This device design is being provided as-is without any express or implied representations or warranties of any kind and the use of this device shall impose no legal obligation on Analog Devices, Inc., and its subsidiaries, employees, directors, officers, servants, and agents. In addition, it is understood and agreed to that the device is not authorized for use in safety critical healthcare applications (such as life support) in which malfunction or failure of a product can be expected to result in personal injury or death. This device must not be used for diagnostic purposes. It must not be used with a defibrillator or other equipment that produces high voltages in excess of the supply rails on the evaluation board. This device is provided for evaluation and development purposes only. It is not intended for use as, or as part of, an end product. Any use of the device in such applications is at your own risk and you shall fully indemnify Analog Devices, its subsidiaries, employees, directors, officers, servants and agents for all liability and expenses arising from such unauthorized usage. You are solely responsible for compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements connected to such use.

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