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Quick Start Guide

The bit file provided in the project *.zip file combines the FPGA bit file and the SDK elf files. It may be used for a quick check on the system.

Required Hardware

Required Software

Running Demo (SDK) Program

If you are not familiar with Nexys3 and/or Xilix tools, please visit,400,897&Prod=NEXYS3 for details.

To begin, connect the PmodAD1 to JA1 connector of Nexys3 board, pins 1 to 6 (see image below) and the PmodDA1 to JB1 connector of Nexys3 board, pins 1 to 6. You can use an extension cable for ease of use. Connect the USB cables from the PC to the board.

 Connecting Pmods to Nexys3

Start IMPACT, and double click “Boundary Scan”. Right click and select Initialize Chain. The program should recognize the Spartan 6 device (see screenshot below). Program the FPGA using the download.bit file provided in the project *.zip archive, located in the “sw” folder (../ad7303_ad7476/sw/download.bit).

Programming FPGA in IMPACT

Start the ChipScope Pro Analyzer provided with the Xilinx ISE Design Suite 13.2 and load the project Nexys3_ChipScope_Demo.cpj located in the “chipscope” folder (../ad7303_ad7476/chipscope/Nexys3_ChipScope_Demo.cpj). Click the Open Cable/Search JTAG Chain button and afterwards double click Bus Plot and select Repetitive Trigger Run Mode. Click the Apply Settings and Arm Trigger button. On the main screen you will se the waveforms change once every 25 seconds, between Sine, Square, Sawtooth and Triangle waveforms. Each waveform has a period of 25ms. You can compare the waveform displayed in ChipScope Pro with the waveform displayed on an oscilloscope from the DAC output.

Viewing Waveforms in ChipScope Pro

  • Connecting the Pmod-AD1 and/or Pmod-DA1 to the Nexys3 Board using an extension cable provides ease of use.
  • UART must be set to 57600 baudrate.
  • The reference voltage for both the AD7476A and AD7303 is 3.3V (if using Nexys3 Board).
  • A loopback cable is connected between the output of the AD7303 DAC (A1 out) and the input of the AD7476 ADC present on the PmodAD1 board (pin1 in = A0 in).


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