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Hardware Setup

Before connecting the ADI evaluation board to the Xilinx KC705 make sure that the VADJ_FPGA voltage of the KC705 is set to 3.3V. For more details on how to change the setting for VADJ_FPGA visit the Xilinx KC705 product page.

  • Use the FMC-SDP interposer to connect the ADI evaluation board to the Xilinx KC705 board on the FMC LPC connector.
  • Connect the JTAG and UART cables to the KC705 and power up the FPGA board.
  • Start IMPACT, and double click “Boundary Scan”. Right click and select Initialize Chain. The program should recognize the Kintex 7 device (see screenshot below).

  • Program the KC705 FPGA using the “Bit/download.bit” file provided in the reference design archive.
  • Power the ADI evaluation board.

Configure Tera Term

Launch Tera Term from the Start → All Programs → Tera Term Pro → Tera Term Pro

Select Setup → Serial port… and set the baud rate to 115200.

Select Setup → Terminal.. and enable Local Echo.

Upload Application Software

After the configuration of the terminal was finished, the software application has to be uploaded and started on the configured system. This can be done by running the Loadapp.bat batch script, which can be found in the LoadApp directory.

If the script threw an error, verify if the Xilinx EDK path specified in the Loadapp.bat script is corresponding with the current install path. If not change it to the correct one.

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