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 {{ :​resources:​fpga:​xilinx:​interposer:​ad5172.jpg?​400 }} {{ :​resources:​fpga:​xilinx:​interposer:​ad5172.jpg?​400 }}
-For component evaluation and performance purposes, as opposed to quick prototyping,​ the user is directed to Analog Devices [[/​resources/​eval/​sdp|System Demonstration Platform]] (**SDP**). The **SDP** consists of a: +{{page>common_sdp}}
-  * a controller board, like the **[[resources/​eval/​sdp/​sdp-b|EVAL-SDP-CB1Z]] (SDP-B)** +
-  * a compatible Analog Devices SDP [[adi>sdp#​exallist|product evaluation board]] +
-  * corresponding PC software +
-The EVAL-SDP-CB1Z controller board is part of Analog Devices SDP providing USB 2.0 high-speed connectivity to a PC computer running specific component evaluation software. ​ Each SDP evaluation daughter board includes the necessary installation files needed for this performance testing. It's expected that the analog performance on the two platforms may differ.+
 Below is presented a picture of **SDP-B** Controller Board with the **EVAL-AD5172SDZ** Evaluation Board. Below is presented a picture of **SDP-B** Controller Board with the **EVAL-AD5172SDZ** Evaluation Board.
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