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FPGA Reference Designs: ADC FMC Interposer


The High Speed ADC FMC Interposer allows ADC evaluation boards to interface with Xilinx's evaluation platforms (FMC carriers). The combination (evaluation board + interposer) may not work with all carriers. In some cases, even if there is a complete map of all the evaluation boards I/O to the carrier (through the interposer), the location and nature of the I/O might prevent the system to be functional.

High Speed ADC FMC Interposer (B)

The information on this page is preliminary and is subject to change.

Quick Check

The quick check below provides NO modifications on the interposer and minimum effort in terms of HDL development. If an evaluation board I/O passes the quick check, you could probably use the coregen generated I/O interface as it is and will have less trouble making the system functional. You may still need to make modifications on the evaluation board (see sections below).



  • The data lines are simple pass through and supports either differential or single ended.
  • The FPGA I/O voltage level is determined by VADJ (2.5v is common). Some of the carriers allow VADJ changes.
  • The SPI signals are single ended and the interposer has a level translator. The level translator automatically changes direction based on drive strength. To avoid ringing and corrupted transfers, remove the pull up/down resistors on the SPI lines in the evaluation board (except SDIO pull-up).

Data Rates


  • The table below lists highest available data rate per carrier. If you use a different primitive, you may not be able to run the design at these rates.


LPC Regular I/O


  • The ADC clock must be connected to P1.A10/P1.B10 (of the interposer) labelled usually DCLKA1+/DCLKA1-.
  • The ADC data lines, including any framing information and status (such as FCO and OR) must be within D15+/D15- to D0+/D0-. These data lines are mapped to P1 connector's A/B and C/D rows.
  • The SPI chip select signals must use P3.A3 to P3.A6 (CSB1 to CSB4).


Interposer FMC
Pin Name Pin Name
Low Pin Count (LPC) Regular I/O Signals.
Low Pin Count (LPC) Clock
Low Pin Count (LPC) Data. The data lines may be out of order, but all of them must remain within these pins.
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_LA16_P
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_LA16_N
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_LA15_P
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_LA15_N
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_LA14_P
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_LA14_N
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_LA13_P
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_LA13_N
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_LA12_P
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_LA12_N
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_LA11_P
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_LA11_N
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_LA10_P
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_LA10_N
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_LA09_P
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_LA09_N
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_LA08_P
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_LA08_N
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_LA07_P
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_LA07_N
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_LA06_P
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_LA06_N
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_LA05_P
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_LA05_N
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_LA04_P
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_LA04_N
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_LA03_P
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_LA03_N
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_LA02_P
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_LA02_N
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_LA01_CC_P
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_LA01_CC_N
Low Pin Count (LPC) SPI. The SPI signals must always use these LA signals.
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_LA27_N
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_LA27_P
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_LA26_N
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_LA26_P
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_LA24_N
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_LA24_P
Low Pin Count (LPC) USB signals (usually not used).
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_LA21_P
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_LA20_P
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_LA20_N
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_LA19_N
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_LA19_P
Low Pin Count (LPC) GPIO signals (usually not used).
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_LA28_N
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_LA28_P
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_LA23_N
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_LA23_P

HPC Regular I/O


  • The ADC clock must be connected to P2.A10/P2.B10 (of the interposer) labeled usually DCLKB1+/DCLKB1-.
  • The ADC data lines, including any framing information and status (such as FCO and OR) must be within D15+/D15- to D0+/D0-. These data lines are mapped to P2 connector's A/B and C/D rows.
  • The SPI chip select signals must use the LA connections mentioned in the LPC table above.


Interposer FMC
Pin Name Pin Name
High Pin Count (HPC) Regular I/O Signals.
High Pin Count (HPC) Clock
High Pin Count (HPC) Data. The data lines may be out of order, but all of them must remain within these pins.
P2.A9 D15B+ E15 FMC_HA16_P
P2.B9 D15B- E16 FMC_HA16_N
P2.C8 D14B+ F16 FMC_HA15_P
P2.D8 D14B- F17 FMC_HA15_N
P2.A8 D13B+ J15 FMC_HA14_P
P2.B8 D13B- J16 FMC_HA14_N
P2.C7 D12B+ E12 FMC_HA13_P
P2.D7 D12B- E13 FMC_HA13_N
P2.A7 D11B+ F13 FMC_HA12_P
P2.B7 D11B- F14 FMC_HA12_N
P2.C6 D10B+ J12 FMC_HA11_P
P2.D6 D10B- J13 FMC_HA11_N
P2.A6 D9B+ K13 FMC_HA10_P
P2.B6 D9B- K14 FMC_HA10_N
P2.C5 D8B+ E9 FMC_HA09_P
P2.D5 D8B- E10 FMC_HA09_N
P2.A5 D7B+ F10 FMC_HA08_P
P2.B5 D7B- F11 FMC_HA08_N
P2.C4 D6B+ J9 FMC_HA07_P
P2.D4 D6B- J10 FMC_HA07_N
P2.A4 D5B+ K10 FMC_HA06_P
P2.B4 D5B- K11 FMC_HA06_N
P2.C3 D4B+ E6 FMC_HA05_P
P2.D3 D4B- E7 FMC_HA05_N
P2.A3 D3B+ F7 FMC_HA04_P
P2.B3 D3B- F8 FMC_HA04_N
P2.C2 D2B+ J6 FMC_HA03_P
P2.D2 D2B- J7 FMC_HA03_N
P2.A2 D1B+ K7 FMC_HA02_P
P2.B2 D1B- K8 FMC_HA02_N
P2.C1 D0B+ E2 FMC_HA01_CC_P
P2.D1 D0B- E3 FMC_HA01_CC_N
High Pin Count (HPC) GPIO signals (usually not used).
P3.A7 I/O_8 E18 FMC_HA20_P
P3.B7 I/O_7 E19 FMC_HA20_N
P3.A10 I/O_2 K19 FMC_HA21_P
P3.B10 I/O_1 K20 FMC_HA21_N



  • The reference clock must be connected to P3.C10/P3.D10 (of the interposer) labeled usually MGTCLK1+/MGTCLK1-.
  • The data lane (only 1 is available on LPC), must use P3.C9/P3.D9 (of the interposer) labeled usually SD1+/SD1-.


Interposer FMC
Pin Name Pin Name
Low Pin Count (LPC) Gigabit Transceivers I/O Signals.
Low Pin Count (LPC) GBT Clock
Low Pin Count (LPC) GBT Data
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_DP0_M2C_P
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_DP0_M2C_N



  • The HPC GBT pins are an extension of the LPC GBT quad, usually SD2 to SD4 are in the same quad as SD1. If using any of the SD2 to SD4 lanes, the reference clock must be connected to MGTCLK1+/MGTCLK1-.
  • If using SD5 to SD8, reference clock must be connected to P3.C1/P3.D1 (of the interposer) labeled usually MGTCLK2+/MGTCLK2-.
  • The carriers usually assign adjacent quad GBTs to the SD1 to SD8 signals, so either MGTCLK1 or MGTCLK2 should work. However, to be safe, unless there are more than 4 lanes it is better if the same quad reference clock is connected to the FPGA.


Interposer FMC
Pin Name Pin Name
High Pin Count (HPC) Gigabit Transceivers I/O Signals.
High Pin Count (HPC) GBT Clock, should use LPC GBT clock.
High Pin Count (HPC) GBT Data
P3.C2 SD8+ B12 FMC_DP7_M2C_P
P3.D2 SD8- B13 FMC_DP7_M2C_N
P3.C3 SD7+ B16 FMC_DP6_M2C_P
P3.D3 SD7- B17 FMC_DP6_M2C_N
P3.C4 SD6+ A18 FMC_DP5_M2C_P
P3.D4 SD6- A19 FMC_DP5_M2C_N
P3.C5 SD5+ A14 FMC_DP4_M2C_P
P3.D5 SD5- A15 FMC_DP4_M2C_N
P3.C6 SD4+ A10 FMC_DP3_M2C_P
P3.D6 SD4- A11 FMC_DP3_M2C_N
P3.C7 SD3+ A6 FMC_DP2_M2C_P
P3.D7 SD3- A7 FMC_DP2_M2C_N
P3.C8 SD2+ A2 FMC_DP1_M2C_P
P3.D8 SD2- A3 FMC_DP1_M2C_N

Exceptions (LPC and HPC)


  • The following LPC and HPC signals provide FPGA connectivity, but are NOT recommended. Note that it is possible to use these pins in some cases, most likely they are on different but adjacent bank with others. However there are carriers (such as VC707) where this is not the case. If the banks are not adjacent, the skew may be different and the interface may not work properly.


Interposer FMC
Pin Name Pin Name
Low Pin Count (LPC) Exceptions. The following signals have FPGA connectivity, but they most likely are on a different bank.
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_LA18_CC_P
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_LA18_CC_N
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_LA17_CC_P
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_LA17_CC_N
High Pin Count (HPC) Exceptions. The following signals have FPGA connectivity, but they most likely are on a different bank.
P2.C10 D17B+ F19 FMC_HA19_P
P2.D10 D17B- F20 FMC_HA19_N
P2.C9 D16B+ J18 FMC_HA18_P
P2.D9 D16B- J19 FMC_HA18_N

Full Carrier Mapping


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC1_HPC_LA02_P H14 IO_L1P_T0_16 16-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC1_HPC_LA04_P F18 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC1_HPC_LA06_P G19 IO_L5P_T0_16 16-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC1_HPC_LA08_P C17 IO_L7P_T1_16 16-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC1_HPC_LA10_P A17 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC1_HPC_LA12_P E20 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC1_HPC_LA14_P C21 IO_L16P_T2_16 16-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC1_HPC_LA16_P E21 IO_L18P_T2_16 16-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC1_HPC_LA00_CC_P D18 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_16 16-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC1_HPC_LA02_N H15 IO_L1N_T0_16 16-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC1_HPC_LA04_N F19 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC1_HPC_LA06_N F20 IO_L5N_T0_16 16-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC1_HPC_LA08_N B17 IO_L7N_T1_16 16-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC1_HPC_LA10_N A18 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC1_HPC_LA12_N D20 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC1_HPC_LA14_N B21 IO_L16N_T2_16 16-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC1_HPC_LA16_N D21 IO_L18N_T2_16 16-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC1_HPC_LA00_CC_N C18 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_16 16-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC1_HPC_LA01_CC_P E17 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC1_HPC_LA03_P G17 IO_L2P_T0_16 16-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC1_HPC_LA05_P G15 IO_L4P_T0_16 16-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC1_HPC_LA07_P H16 IO_L6P_T0_16 16-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC1_HPC_LA09_P E16 IO_L8P_T1_16 16-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC1_HPC_LA11_P B19 IO_L10P_T1_16 16-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC1_HPC_LA13_P B20 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC1_HPC_LA15_P B22 IO_L17P_T2_16 16-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC1_HPC_LA17_CC_P K21 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_15 15-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC1_HPC_LA18_CC_P G20 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_15 15-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC1_HPC_LA01_CC_N E18 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC1_HPC_LA03_N F17 IO_L2N_T0_16 16-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC1_HPC_LA05_N F15 IO_L4N_T0_16 16-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC1_HPC_LA07_N G16 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_16 16-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC1_HPC_LA09_N D16 IO_L8N_T1_16 16-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC1_HPC_LA11_N A19 IO_L10N_T1_16 16-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC1_HPC_LA13_N A20 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC1_HPC_LA15_N A22 IO_L17N_T2_16 16-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC1_HPC_LA17_CC_N J21 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_15 15-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC1_HPC_LA18_CC_N G21 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_15 15-HR
P2.A1 DCLKB2+ K16 FMC1_HPC_HA17_CC_P AA20 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_12 12-HR
P2.A2 D1B+ K7 FMC1_HPC_HA02_P AE25 IO_L1P_T0_12 12-HR
P2.A3 D3B+ F7 FMC1_HPC_HA04_P AF24 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_12 12-HR
P2.A4 D5B+ K10 FMC1_HPC_HA06_P AE23 IO_L5P_T0_12 12-HR
P2.A5 D7B+ F10 FMC1_HPC_HA08_P AD21 IO_L7P_T1_12 12-HR
P2.A6 D9B+ K13 FMC1_HPC_HA10_P AE22 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_12 12-HR
P2.A7 D11B+ F13 FMC1_HPC_HA12_P AC19 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_12 12-HR
P2.A8 D13B+ J15 FMC1_HPC_HA14_P AE18 IO_L16P_T2_12 12-HR
P2.A9 D15B+ E15 FMC1_HPC_HA16_P AE17 IO_L18P_T2_12 12-HR
P2.A10 DCLKB1+ F4 FMC1_HPC_HA00_CC_P AA19 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_12 12-HR
P2.B1 DCLKB2- K17 FMC1_HPC_HA17_CC_N AB20 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_12 12-HR
P2.B2 D1B- K8 FMC1_HPC_HA02_N AE26 IO_L1N_T0_12 12-HR
P2.B3 D3B- F8 FMC1_HPC_HA04_N AF25 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_12 12-HR
P2.B4 D5B- K11 FMC1_HPC_HA06_N AF23 IO_L5N_T0_12 12-HR
P2.B5 D7B- F11 FMC1_HPC_HA08_N AE21 IO_L7N_T1_12 12-HR
P2.B6 D9B- K14 FMC1_HPC_HA10_N AF22 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_12 12-HR
P2.B7 D11B- F14 FMC1_HPC_HA12_N AD19 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_12 12-HR
P2.B8 D13B- J16 FMC1_HPC_HA14_N AF18 IO_L16N_T2_12 12-HR
P2.B9 D15B- E16 FMC1_HPC_HA16_N AF17 IO_L18N_T2_12 12-HR
P2.B10 DCLKB1- F5 FMC1_HPC_HA00_CC_N AB19 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_12 12-HR
P2.C1 D0B+ E2 FMC1_HPC_HA01_CC_P AB21 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_12 12-HR
P2.C2 D2B+ J6 FMC1_HPC_HA03_P AC22 IO_L2P_T0_12 12-HR
P2.C3 D4B+ E6 FMC1_HPC_HA05_P AD25 IO_L4P_T0_12 12-HR
P2.C4 D6B+ J9 FMC1_HPC_HA07_P AD23 IO_L6P_T0_12 12-HR
P2.C5 D8B+ E9 FMC1_HPC_HA09_P AF19 IO_L8P_T1_12 12-HR
P2.C6 D10B+ J12 FMC1_HPC_HA11_P AD20 IO_L10P_T1_12 12-HR
P2.C7 D12B+ E12 FMC1_HPC_HA13_P AC18 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_12 12-HR
P2.C8 D14B+ F16 FMC1_HPC_HA15_P Y18 IO_L17P_T2_12 12-HR
P2.C9 D16B+ J18 FMC1_HPC_HA18_P AA17 IO_L19P_T3_12 12-HR
P2.C10 D17B+ F19 FMC1_HPC_HA19_P AC17 IO_L20P_T3_12 12-HR
P2.D1 D0B- E3 FMC1_HPC_HA01_CC_N AC21 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_12 12-HR
P2.D2 D2B- J7 FMC1_HPC_HA03_N AC23 IO_L2N_T0_12 12-HR
P2.D3 D4B- E7 FMC1_HPC_HA05_N AD26 IO_L4N_T0_12 12-HR
P2.D4 D6B- J10 FMC1_HPC_HA07_N AD24 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_12 12-HR
P2.D5 D8B- E10 FMC1_HPC_HA09_N AF20 IO_L8N_T1_12 12-HR
P2.D6 D10B- J13 FMC1_HPC_HA11_N AE20 IO_L10N_T1_12 12-HR
P2.D7 D12B- E13 FMC1_HPC_HA13_N AD18 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_12 12-HR
P2.D8 D14B- F17 FMC1_HPC_HA15_N AA18 IO_L17N_T2_12 12-HR
P2.D9 D16B- J19 FMC1_HPC_HA18_N AB17 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_12 12-HR
P2.D10 D17B- F20 FMC1_HPC_HA19_N AD17 IO_L20N_T3_12 12-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC1_HPC_LA21_P J19 IO_L7P_T1_AD2P_15 15-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC1_HPC_LA20_P M16 IO_L6P_T0_15 15-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC1_HPC_LA27_N E23 IO_L17N_T2_A25_15 15-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC1_HPC_LA27_P F23 IO_L17P_T2_A26_15 15-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC1_HPC_LA26_N H24 IO_L16N_T2_A27_15 15-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC1_HPC_LA26_P J24 IO_L16P_T2_A28_15 15-HR
P3.A7 I/O_8 E18 FMC1_HPC_HA20_P Y16 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_12 12-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC1_HPC_LA28_N K23 IO_L18N_T2_A23_15 15-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC1_HPC_LA23_N J20 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_AD3N_15 15-HR
P3.A10 I/O_2 K19 FMC1_HPC_HA21_P AB16 IO_L22P_T3_12 12-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC1_HPC_LA20_N M17 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_15 15-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC1_HPC_LA19_N L14 IO_L4N_T0_15 15-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC1_HPC_LA19_P M14 IO_L4P_T0_15 15-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC1_HPC_LA24_P J18 IO_L10P_T1_AD11P_15 15-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC1_HPC_LA24_N H18 IO_L10N_T1_AD11N_15 15-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC1_HPC_LA25_P G22 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_15 15-HR
P3.B7 I/O_7 E19 FMC1_HPC_HA20_N Y17 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_12 12-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC1_HPC_LA28_P K22 IO_L18P_T2_A24_15 15-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC1_HPC_LA23_P K20 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_AD3P_15 15-HR
P3.B10 I/O_1 K20 FMC1_HPC_HA21_N AC16 IO_L22N_T3_12 12-HR
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Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_HPC_LA02_P H24 IO_L19P_T3_16 16-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_HPC_LA04_P G28 IO_L20P_T3_16 16-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_HPC_LA06_P H30 IO_L24P_T3_16 16-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_HPC_LA08_P E29 IO_L18P_T2_16 16-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_HPC_LA10_P D29 IO_L16P_T2_16 16-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_HPC_LA12_P C29 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_HPC_LA14_P B28 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_HPC_LA16_P B27 IO_L7P_T1_16 16-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_HPC_LA00_CC_P C25 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_16 16-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_HPC_LA02_N H25 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_16 16-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_HPC_LA04_N F28 IO_L20N_T3_16 16-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_HPC_LA06_N G30 IO_L24N_T3_16 16-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_HPC_LA08_N E30 IO_L18N_T2_16 16-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_HPC_LA10_N C30 IO_L16N_T2_16 16-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_HPC_LA12_N B29 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_HPC_LA14_N A28 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_HPC_LA16_N A27 IO_L7N_T1_16 16-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_HPC_LA00_CC_N B25 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_16 16-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_HPC_LA01_CC_P D26 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_HPC_LA03_P H26 IO_L23P_T3_16 16-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_HPC_LA05_P G29 IO_L22P_T3_16 16-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_HPC_LA07_P E28 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_HPC_LA09_P B30 IO_L17P_T2_16 16-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_HPC_LA11_P G27 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_HPC_LA13_P A25 IO_L10P_T1_16 16-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_HPC_LA15_P C24 IO_L8P_T1_16 16-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_HPC_LA17_CC_P F20 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_17 17-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_HPC_LA18_CC_P F21 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_17 17-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_HPC_LA01_CC_N C26 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_HPC_LA03_N H27 IO_L23N_T3_16 16-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_HPC_LA05_N F30 IO_L22N_T3_16 16-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_HPC_LA07_N D28 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_16 16-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_HPC_LA09_N A30 IO_L17N_T2_16 16-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_HPC_LA11_N F27 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_16 16-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_HPC_LA13_N A26 IO_L10N_T1_16 16-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_HPC_LA15_N B24 IO_L8N_T1_16 16-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_HPC_LA17_CC_N E20 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_17 17-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_HPC_LA18_CC_N E21 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_17 17-HR
P2.A1 DCLKB2+ K16 FMC_HPC_HA17_CC_P G13 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_18 18-HR
P2.A2 D1B+ K7 FMC_HPC_HA02_P D11 IO_L18P_T2_18 18-HR
P2.A3 D3B+ F7 FMC_HPC_HA04_P F11 IO_L16P_T2_18 18-HR
P2.A4 D5B+ K10 FMC_HPC_HA06_P D14 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_18 18-HR
P2.A5 D7B+ F10 FMC_HPC_HA08_P E14 IO_L20P_T3_18 18-HR
P2.A6 D9B+ K13 FMC_HPC_HA10_P A11 IO_L17P_T2_18 18-HR
P2.A7 D11B+ F13 FMC_HPC_HA12_P C15 IO_L23P_T3_18 18-HR
P2.A8 D13B+ J15 FMC_HPC_HA14_P J16 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_18 18-HR
P2.A9 D15B+ E15 FMC_HPC_HA16_P L15 IO_L2P_T0_18 18-HR
P2.A10 DCLKB1+ F4 FMC_HPC_HA00_CC_P D12 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_18 18-HR
P2.B1 DCLKB2- K17 FMC_HPC_HA17_CC_N F13 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_18 18-HR
P2.B2 D1B- K8 FMC_HPC_HA02_N C11 IO_L18N_T2_18 18-HR
P2.B3 D3B- F8 FMC_HPC_HA04_N E11 IO_L16N_T2_18 18-HR
P2.B4 D5B- K11 FMC_HPC_HA06_N C14 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_18 18-HR
P2.B5 D7B- F11 FMC_HPC_HA08_N E15 IO_L20N_T3_18 18-HR
P2.B6 D9B- K14 FMC_HPC_HA10_N A12 IO_L17N_T2_18 18-HR
P2.B7 D11B- F14 FMC_HPC_HA12_N B15 IO_L23N_T3_18 18-HR
P2.B8 D13B- J16 FMC_HPC_HA14_N H16 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_18 18-HR
P2.B9 D15B- E16 FMC_HPC_HA16_N K15 IO_L2N_T0_18 18-HR
P2.B10 DCLKB1- F5 FMC_HPC_HA00_CC_N D13 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_18 18-HR
P2.C1 D0B+ E2 FMC_HPC_HA01_CC_P H14 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_18 18-HR
P2.C2 D2B+ J6 FMC_HPC_HA03_P C12 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_18 18-HR
P2.C3 D4B+ E6 FMC_HPC_HA05_P F15 IO_L19P_T3_18 18-HR
P2.C4 D6B+ J9 FMC_HPC_HA07_P B14 IO_L24P_T3_18 18-HR
P2.C5 D8B+ E9 FMC_HPC_HA09_P F12 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_18 18-HR
P2.C6 D10B+ J12 FMC_HPC_HA11_P B13 IO_L22P_T3_18 18-HR
P2.C7 D12B+ E12 FMC_HPC_HA13_P L16 IO_L1P_T0_18 18-HR
P2.C8 D14B+ F16 FMC_HPC_HA15_P H15 IO_L7P_T1_18 18-HR
P2.C9 D16B+ J18 FMC_HPC_HA18_P K14 IO_L5P_T0_18 18-HR
P2.C10 D17B+ F19 FMC_HPC_HA19_P H11 IO_L10P_T1_18 18-HR
P2.D1 D0B- E3 FMC_HPC_HA01_CC_N G14 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_18 18-HR
P2.D2 D2B- J7 FMC_HPC_HA03_N B12 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_18 18-HR
P2.D3 D4B- E7 FMC_HPC_HA05_N E16 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_18 18-HR
P2.D4 D6B- J10 FMC_HPC_HA07_N A15 IO_L24N_T3_18 18-HR
P2.D5 D8B- E10 FMC_HPC_HA09_N E13 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_18 18-HR
P2.D6 D10B- J13 FMC_HPC_HA11_N A13 IO_L22N_T3_18 18-HR
P2.D7 D12B- E13 FMC_HPC_HA13_N K16 IO_L1N_T0_18 18-HR
P2.D8 D14B- F17 FMC_HPC_HA15_N G15 IO_L7N_T1_18 18-HR
P2.D9 D16B- J19 FMC_HPC_HA18_N J14 IO_L5N_T0_18 18-HR
P2.D10 D17B- F20 FMC_HPC_HA19_N H12 IO_L10N_T1_18 18-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_HPC_LA21_P A20 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_17 17-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_HPC_LA20_P E19 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_17 17-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_HPC_LA27_N B19 IO_L24N_T3_17 17-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_HPC_LA27_P C19 IO_L24P_T3_17 17-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_HPC_LA26_N A18 IO_L22N_T3_17 17-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_HPC_LA26_P B18 IO_L22P_T3_17 17-HR
P3.A7 I/O_8 E18 FMC_HPC_HA20_P K13 IO_L4P_T0_18 18-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_HPC_LA28_N C16 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_17 17-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_HPC_LA23_N A22 IO_L23N_T3_17 17-HR
P3.A10 I/O_2 K19 FMC_HPC_HA21_P J11 IO_L8P_T1_18 18-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_HPC_LA20_N D19 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_17 17-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_HPC_LA19_N F18 IO_L16N_T2_17 17-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_HPC_LA19_P G18 IO_L16P_T2_17 17-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_HPC_LA24_P A16 IO_L20P_T3_17 17-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_HPC_LA24_N A17 IO_L20N_T3_17 17-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_HPC_LA25_P G17 IO_L18P_T2_17 17-HR
P3.B7 I/O_7 E19 FMC_HPC_HA20_N J13 IO_L4N_T0_18 18-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_HPC_LA28_P D16 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_17 17-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_HPC_LA23_P B22 IO_L23P_T3_17 17-HR
P3.B10 I/O_1 K20 FMC_HPC_HA21_N J12 IO_L8N_T1_18 18-HR
P3.C6 SD4+ A10 FMC_HPC_DP3_M2C_P A8 MGTXRXP3_118 118-GTX
P3.C7 SD3+ A6 FMC_HPC_DP2_M2C_P B6 MGTXRXP2_118 118-GTX
P3.C8 SD2+ A2 FMC_HPC_DP1_M2C_P D6 MGTXRXP1_118 118-GTX
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_HPC_DP0_M2C_P E4 MGTXRXP0_118 118-GTX
P3.D6 SD4- A11 FMC_HPC_DP3_M2C_N A7 MGTXRXN3_118 118-GTX
P3.D7 SD3- A7 FMC_HPC_DP2_M2C_N B5 MGTXRXN2_118 118-GTX
P3.D8 SD2- A3 FMC_HPC_DP1_M2C_N D5 MGTXRXN1_118 118-GTX
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_HPC_DP0_M2C_N E3 MGTXRXN0_118 118-GTX
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_LPC_LA02_P AF20 IO_L19P_T3_12 12-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_LPC_LA04_P AH21 IO_L23P_T3_12 12-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_LPC_LA06_P AK20 IO_L24P_T3_12 12-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_LPC_LA08_P AJ22 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_12 12-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_LPC_LA10_P AJ24 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_12 12-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_LPC_LA12_P AA20 IO_L6P_T0_12 12-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_LPC_LA14_P AD21 IO_L10P_T1_12 12-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_LPC_LA16_P AC22 IO_L8P_T1_12 12-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_P AD23 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_12 12-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_LPC_LA02_N AF21 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_12 12-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_LPC_LA04_N AJ21 IO_L23N_T3_12 12-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_LPC_LA06_N AK21 IO_L24N_T3_12 12-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_LPC_LA08_N AJ23 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_12 12-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_LPC_LA10_N AK25 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_12 12-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_LPC_LA12_N AB20 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_12 12-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_LPC_LA14_N AE21 IO_L10N_T1_12 12-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_LPC_LA16_N AD22 IO_L8N_T1_12 12-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_N AE24 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_12 12-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_P AE23 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_12 12-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_LPC_LA03_P AG20 IO_L22P_T3_12 12-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_LPC_LA05_P AG22 IO_L20P_T3_12 12-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_LPC_LA07_P AG25 IO_L18P_T2_12 12-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_LPC_LA09_P AK23 IO_L17P_T2_12 12-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_LPC_LA11_P AE25 IO_L16P_T2_12 12-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_LPC_LA13_P AB24 IO_L7P_T1_12 12-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_LPC_LA15_P AC24 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_12 12-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_P AB27 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_13 13-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_P AD27 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_13 13-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_N AF23 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_12 12-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_LPC_LA03_N AH20 IO_L22N_T3_12 12-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_LPC_LA05_N AH22 IO_L20N_T3_12 12-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_LPC_LA07_N AH25 IO_L18N_T2_12 12-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_LPC_LA09_N AK24 IO_L17N_T2_12 12-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_LPC_LA11_N AF25 IO_L16N_T2_12 12-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_LPC_LA13_N AC25 IO_L7N_T1_12 12-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_LPC_LA15_N AD24 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_12 12-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_N AC27 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_13 13-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N AD28 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_13 13-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_LPC_LA21_P AG27 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_13 13-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_LPC_LA20_P AF26 IO_L23P_T3_13 13-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_LPC_LA27_N AJ29 IO_L17N_T2_13 13-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_LPC_LA27_P AJ28 IO_L17P_T2_13 13-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_LPC_LA26_N AK30 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_13 13-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_LPC_LA26_P AK29 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_13 13-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_LPC_LA28_N AF30 IO_L16N_T2_13 13-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_LPC_LA23_N AH27 IO_L22N_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_LPC_LA20_N AF27 IO_L23N_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_LPC_LA19_N AK26 IO_L24N_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_LPC_LA19_P AJ26 IO_L24P_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_LPC_LA24_P AG30 IO_L18P_T2_13 13-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_LPC_LA24_N AH30 IO_L18N_T2_13 13-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_LPC_LA25_P AC26 IO_L19P_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_LPC_LA28_P AE30 IO_L16P_T2_13 13-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_LPC_LA23_P AH26 IO_L22P_T3_13 13-HR
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_P F6 MGTXRXP3_117 117-GTX
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_N F5 MGTXRXN3_117 117-GTX
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_HPC_LA02_P AC20 IO_L6P_22 22
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_HPC_LA04_P AF19 IO_L8P_SRCC_22 22
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_HPC_LA06_P AG20 IO_L18P_22 22
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_HPC_LA08_P AK22 IO_L4P_22 22
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_HPC_LA10_P AM20 IO_L7P_22 22
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_HPC_LA12_P AM21 IO_L13P_22 22
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_HPC_LA14_P AN19 IO_L5P_22 22
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_HPC_LA16_P AP22 IO_L19P_22 22
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_HPC_LA00_CC_P AF20 IO_L11P_SRCC_22 22
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_HPC_LA02_N AD20 IO_L6N_22 22
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_HPC_LA04_N AE19 IO_L8N_SRCC_22 22
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_HPC_LA06_N AG21 IO_L18N_22 22
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_HPC_LA08_N AJ22 IO_L4N_VREF_22 22
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_HPC_LA10_N AL20 IO_L7N_22 22
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_HPC_LA12_N AL21 IO_L13N_22 22
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_HPC_LA14_N AN20 IO_L5N_22 22
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_HPC_LA16_N AN23 IO_L19N_22 22
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_HPC_LA00_CC_N AF21 IO_L11N_SRCC_22 22
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_HPC_LA01_CC_P AK19 IO_L10P_MRCC_22 22
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_HPC_LA03_P AC19 IO_L14P_22 22
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_HPC_LA05_P AG22 IO_L2P_22 22
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_HPC_LA07_P AK21 IO_L16P_22 22
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_HPC_LA09_P AM18 IO_L1P_22 22
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_HPC_LA11_P AM22 IO_L17P_22 22
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_HPC_LA13_P AP19 IO_L3P_22 22
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_HPC_LA15_P AM23 IO_L15P_22 22
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_HPC_LA17_CC_P AN27 IO_L9P_MRCC_23 23
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_HPC_LA18_CC_P AH25 IO_L8P_SRCC_23 23
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_HPC_LA01_CC_N AL19 IO_L10N_MRCC_22 22
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_HPC_LA03_N AD19 IO_L14N_VREF_22 22
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_HPC_LA05_N AH22 IO_L2N_22 22
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_HPC_LA07_N AJ21 IO_L16N_22 22
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_HPC_LA09_N AL18 IO_L1N_22 22
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_HPC_LA11_N AN22 IO_L17N_22 22
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_HPC_LA13_N AN18 IO_L3N_22 22
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_HPC_LA15_N AL23 IO_L15N_22 22
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_HPC_LA17_CC_N AM27 IO_L9N_MRCC_23 23
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_HPC_LA18_CC_N AJ25 IO_L8N_SRCC_23 23
P2.A1 DCLKB2+ K16 FMC_HPC_HA17_CC_P V30 IO_L9P_MRCC_14 14
P2.A2 D1B+ K7 FMC_HPC_HA02_P AB25 IO_L19P_13 13
P2.A3 D3B+ F7 FMC_HPC_HA04_P AB28 IO_L13P_13 13
P2.A4 D5B+ K10 FMC_HPC_HA06_P AA28 IO_L7P_13 13
P2.A5 D7B+ F10 FMC_HPC_HA08_P AG31 IO_L18P_13 13
P2.A6 D9B+ K13 FMC_HPC_HA10_P AD34 IO_L2P_13 13
P2.A7 D11B+ F13 FMC_HPC_HA12_P AD32 IO_L14P_13 13
P2.A8 D13B+ J15 FMC_HPC_HA14_P AA30 IO_L1P_13 13
P2.A9 D15B+ E15 FMC_HPC_HA16_P AC33 IO_L4P_13 13
P2.A10 DCLKB1+ F4 FMC_HPC_HA00_CC_P AE33 IO_L10P_MRCC_13 13
P2.B1 DCLKB2- K17 FMC_HPC_HA17_CC_N W30 IO_L9N_MRCC_14 14
P2.B2 D1B- K8 FMC_HPC_HA02_N AC25 IO_L19N_13 13
P2.B3 D3B- F8 FMC_HPC_HA04_N AC28 IO_L13N_13 13
P2.B4 D5B- K11 FMC_HPC_HA06_N AA29 IO_L7N_13 13
P2.B5 D7B- F11 FMC_HPC_HA08_N AF31 IO_L18N_13 13
P2.B6 D9B- K14 FMC_HPC_HA10_N AC34 IO_L2N_13 13
P2.B7 D11B- F14 FMC_HPC_HA12_N AE32 IO_L14N_VREF_13 13
P2.B8 D13B- J16 FMC_HPC_HA14_N AA31 IO_L1N_13 13
P2.B9 D15B- E16 FMC_HPC_HA16_N AB33 IO_L4N_VREF_13 13
P2.B10 DCLKB1- F5 FMC_HPC_HA00_CC_N AF33 IO_L10N_MRCC_13 13
P2.C1 D0B+ E2 FMC_HPC_HA01_CC_P AD29 IO_L11P_SRCC_13 13
P2.C2 D2B+ J6 FMC_HPC_HA03_P AA25 IO_L6P_13 13
P2.C3 D4B+ E6 FMC_HPC_HA05_P AB27 IO_L15P_13 13
P2.C4 D6B+ J9 FMC_HPC_HA07_P AA26 IO_L17P_13 13
P2.C5 D8B+ E9 FMC_HPC_HA09_P AB30 IO_L3P_13 13
P2.C6 D10B+ J12 FMC_HPC_HA11_P AG33 IO_L16P_13 13
P2.C7 D12B+ E12 FMC_HPC_HA13_P AE31 IO_L5P_13 13
P2.C8 D14B+ F16 FMC_HPC_HA15_P AB32 IO_L12P_VRN_13 13
P2.C9 D16B+ J18 FMC_HPC_HA18_P T33 IO_L4P_14 14
P2.C10 D17B+ F19 FMC_HPC_HA19_P U33 IO_L6P_14 14
P2.D1 D0B- E3 FMC_HPC_HA01_CC_N AC29 IO_L11N_SRCC_13 13
P2.D2 D2B- J7 FMC_HPC_HA03_N Y26 IO_L6N_13 13
P2.D3 D4B- E7 FMC_HPC_HA05_N AC27 IO_L15N_13 13
P2.D4 D6B- J10 FMC_HPC_HA07_N AB26 IO_L17N_13 13
P2.D5 D8B- E10 FMC_HPC_HA09_N AB31 IO_L3N_13 13
P2.D6 D10B- J13 FMC_HPC_HA11_N AG32 IO_L16N_13 13
P2.D7 D12B- E13 FMC_HPC_HA13_N AD31 IO_L5N_13 13
P2.D8 D14B- F17 FMC_HPC_HA15_N AC32 IO_L12N_VRP_13 13
P2.D9 D16B- J19 FMC_HPC_HA18_N T34 IO_L4N_VREF_14 14
P2.D10 D17B- F20 FMC_HPC_HA19_N U32 IO_L6N_14 14
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_HPC_LA21_P AN29 IO_L5P_23 23
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_HPC_LA20_P AK23 IO_L18P_23 23
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_HPC_LA27_N AP31 IO_L3N_23 23
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_HPC_LA27_P AP30 IO_L3P_23 23
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_HPC_LA26_N AL25 IO_L16N_23 23
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_HPC_LA26_P AM25 IO_L16P_23 23
P3.A7 I/O_8 E18 FMC_HPC_HA20_P V32 IO_L12P_VRN_14 14
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_HPC_LA28_N AJ27 IO_L10N_MRCC_23 23
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_HPC_LA23_N AM26 IO_L13N_23 23
P3.A10 I/O_2 K19 FMC_HPC_HA21_P U31 IO_L8P_SRCC_14 14
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_HPC_LA20_N AL24 IO_L18N_23 23
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_HPC_LA19_N AN24 IO_L17N_23 23
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_HPC_LA19_P AN25 IO_L17P_23 23
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_HPC_LA24_P AN30 IO_L1P_23 23
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_HPC_LA24_N AM30 IO_L1N_23 23
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_HPC_LA25_P AN28 IO_L7P_23 23
P3.B7 I/O_7 E19 FMC_HPC_HA20_N V33 IO_L12N_VRP_14 14
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_HPC_LA28_P AK27 IO_L10P_MRCC_23 23
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_HPC_LA23_P AL26 IO_L13P_23 23
P3.B10 I/O_1 K20 FMC_HPC_HA21_N U30 IO_L8N_SRCC_14 14
P3.C2 SD8+ B12 FMC_HPC_DP7_M2C_P AP5 MGTRXP0_112 112
P3.C3 SD7+ B16 FMC_HPC_DP6_M2C_P AM5 MGTRXP1_112 112
P3.C4 SD6+ A18 FMC_HPC_DP5_M2C_P AL3 MGTRXP2_112 112
P3.C5 SD5+ A14 FMC_HPC_DP4_M2C_P AJ3 MGTRXP3_112 112
P3.C6 SD4+ A10 FMC_HPC_DP3_M2C_P AG3 MGTRXP0_113 113
P3.C7 SD3+ A6 FMC_HPC_DP2_M2C_P AF5 MGTRXP1_113 113
P3.C8 SD2+ A2 FMC_HPC_DP1_M2C_P AE3 MGTRXP2_113 113
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_HPC_DP0_M2C_P AC3 MGTRXP3_113 113
P3.D2 SD8- B13 FMC_HPC_DP7_M2C_N AP6 MGTRXN0_112 112
P3.D3 SD7- B17 FMC_HPC_DP6_M2C_N AM6 MGTRXN1_112 112
P3.D4 SD6- A19 FMC_HPC_DP5_M2C_N AL4 MGTRXN2_112 112
P3.D5 SD5- A15 FMC_HPC_DP4_M2C_N AJ4 MGTRXN3_112 112
P3.D6 SD4- A11 FMC_HPC_DP3_M2C_N AG4 MGTRXN0_113 113
P3.D7 SD3- A7 FMC_HPC_DP2_M2C_N AF6 MGTRXN1_113 113
P3.D8 SD2- A3 FMC_HPC_DP1_M2C_N AE4 MGTRXN2_113 113
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_HPC_DP0_M2C_N AC4 MGTRXN3_113 113
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_LPC_LA02_P G31 IO_L5P_16 16
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_LPC_LA04_P K28 IO_L7P_16 16
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_LPC_LA06_P K33 IO_L16P_16 16
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_LPC_LA08_P J30 IO_L13P_16 16
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_LPC_LA10_P F30 IO_L3P_16 16
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_LPC_LA12_P E32 IO_L2P_16 16
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_LPC_LA14_P C33 IO_L6P_16 16
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_LPC_LA16_P A33 IO_L4P_16 16
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_P K26 IO_L9P_MRCC_16 16
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_LPC_LA02_N H30 IO_L5N_16 16
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_LPC_LA04_N J29 IO_L7N_16 16
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_LPC_LA06_N J34 IO_L16N_16 16
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_LPC_LA08_N K29 IO_L13N_16 16
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_LPC_LA10_N G30 IO_L3N_16 16
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_LPC_LA12_N E33 IO_L2N_16 16
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_LPC_LA14_N B34 IO_L6N_16 16
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_LPC_LA16_N B33 IO_L4N_VREF_16 16
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_N K27 IO_L9N_MRCC_16 16
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_P F31 IO_L11P_SRCC_16 16
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_LPC_LA03_P J31 IO_L19P_16 16
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_LPC_LA05_P H34 IO_L14P_16 16
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_LPC_LA07_P G32 IO_L17P_16 16
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_LPC_LA09_P L25 IO_L18P_16 16
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_LPC_LA11_P D31 IO_L15P_16 16
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_LPC_LA13_P D34 IO_L8P_SRCC_16 16
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_LPC_LA15_P C32 IO_L0P_16 16
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_P N28 IO_L9P_MRCC_15 15
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_P L29 IO_L11P_SRCC_15 15
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_N E31 IO_L11N_SRCC_16 16
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_LPC_LA03_N J32 IO_L19N_16 16
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_LPC_LA05_N H33 IO_L14N_VREF_16 16
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_LPC_LA07_N H32 IO_L17N_16 16
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_LPC_LA09_N L26 IO_L18N_16 16
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_LPC_LA11_N D32 IO_L15N_16 16
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_LPC_LA13_N C34 IO_L8N_SRCC_16 16
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_LPC_LA15_N B32 IO_L0N_16 16
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_N N29 IO_L9N_MRCC_15 15
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N L30 IO_L11N_SRCC_15 15
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_LPC_LA21_P R26 IO_L15P_SM15P_15 15
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_LPC_LA20_P P29 IO_L19P_15 15
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_LPC_LA27_N R32 IO_L14N_VREF_15 15
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_LPC_LA27_P R31 IO_L14P_15 15
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_LPC_LA26_N M32 IO_L6N_SM11N_15 15
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_LPC_LA26_P L33 IO_L6P_SM11P_15 15
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_LPC_LA28_N M33 IO_L10N_MRCC_15 15
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_LPC_LA23_N R27 IO_L13N_SM14N_15 15
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_LPC_LA20_N R29 IO_L19N_15 15
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_LPC_LA19_N N30 IO_L17N_15 15
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_LPC_LA19_P M30 IO_L17P_15 15
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_LPC_LA24_P N32 IO_L8P_SRCC_15 15
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_LPC_LA24_N P32 IO_L8N_SRCC_15 15
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_LPC_LA25_P P31 IO_L4P_15 15
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_LPC_LA28_P N33 IO_L10P_MRCC_15 15
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_LPC_LA23_P R28 IO_L13P_SM14P_15 15
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_P G3 MGTRXP0_116 116
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_N G4 MGTRXN0_116 116
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_LPC_LA02_P C15 IO_L64P_SCP5_0 0-TR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_LPC_LA04_P B16 IO_L66P_SCP1_0 0-TR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_LPC_LA06_P D12 IO_L47P_0 0-TR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_LPC_LA08_P F11 IO_L42P_0 0-TR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_LPC_LA10_P D8 IO_L11P_0 0-TL
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_LPC_LA12_P D6 IO_L3P_0 0-TL
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_LPC_LA14_P B2 IO_L2P_0 0-TL
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_LPC_LA16_P C7 IO_L10P_0 0-TL
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_P D9 IO_L34P_GCLK19_0 0-TL
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_LPC_LA02_N A15 IO_L64N_SCP4_0 0-TR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_LPC_LA04_N A16 IO_L66N_SCP0_0 0-TR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_LPC_LA06_N C12 IO_L47N_0 0-TR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_LPC_LA08_N E11 IO_L42N_0 0-TR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_LPC_LA10_N C8 IO_L11N_0 0-TL
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_LPC_LA12_N C6 IO_L3N_0 0-TL
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_LPC_LA14_N A2 IO_L2N_0 0-TL
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_LPC_LA16_N A7 IO_L10N_0 0-TL
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_N C9 IO_L34N_GCLK18_0 0-TL
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_P D11 IO_L36P_GCLK15_0 0-TR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_LPC_LA03_P C13 IO_L50P_0 0-TR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_LPC_LA05_P B14 IO_L62P_0 0-TR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_LPC_LA07_P E7 IO_L9P_0 0-TL
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_LPC_LA09_P G11 IO_L40P_0 0-TR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_LPC_LA11_P B12 IO_L41P_0 0-TR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_LPC_LA13_P B11 IO_L39P_0 0-TR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_LPC_LA15_P G9 IO_L38P_0 0-TR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_P R8 IO_L31P_GCLK31_D14_2 2-BL
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_P R10 IO_L29P_GCLK3_2 2-BR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_N C11 IO_L36N_GCLK14_0 0-TR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_LPC_LA03_N A13 IO_L50N_0 0-TR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_LPC_LA05_N A14 IO_L62N_VREF_0 0-TR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_LPC_LA07_N E8 IO_L9N_0 0-TL
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_LPC_LA09_N F10 IO_L40N_0 0-TR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_LPC_LA11_N A12 IO_L41N_0 0-TR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_LPC_LA13_N A11 IO_L39N_0 0-TR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_LPC_LA15_N F9 IO_L38N_VREF_0 0-TR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_N T8 IO_L31N_GCLK30_D15_2 2-BL
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N T10 IO_L29N_GCLK2_2 2-BR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_LPC_LA21_P T4 IO_L63P_2 2-BL
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_LPC_LA20_P N7 IO_L44P_2 2-BL
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_LPC_LA27_N T11 IO_L16N_VREF_2 2-BR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_LPC_LA27_P R11 IO_L16P_2 2-BR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_LPC_LA26_N V7 IO_L43N_2 2-BL
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_LPC_LA26_P U7 IO_L43P_2 2-BL
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_LPC_LA28_N V11 IO_L23N_2 2-BR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_LPC_LA23_N P6 IO_L64N_D9_2 2-BL
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_LPC_LA20_N P8 IO_L44N_2 2-BL
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_LPC_LA19_N P7 IO_L47N_2 2-BL
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_LPC_LA19_P N6 IO_L47P_2 2-BL
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_LPC_LA24_P U8 IO_L41P_2 2-BL
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_LPC_LA25_P M11 IO_L15P_2 2-BR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_LPC_LA28_P U11 IO_L23P_2 2-BR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_LPC_LA23_P N5 IO_L64P_D8_2 2-BL
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_LPC_LA02_P G8 IO_L32P_0 0-TL
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_LPC_LA04_P C19 IO_L64P_SCP5_0 0-TR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_LPC_LA06_P D4 IO_L2P_0 0-TL
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_LPC_LA08_P B20 IO_L65P_SCP3_0 0-TR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_LPC_LA10_P H10 IO_L33P_0 0-TL
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_LPC_LA12_P H13 IO_L38P_0 0-TR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_LPC_LA14_P C17 IO_L50P_0 0-TR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_LPC_LA16_P C5 IO_L8P_0 0-TL
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_P G9 IO_L34P_GCLK19_0 0-TL
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_LPC_LA02_N F9 IO_L32N_0 0-TL
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_LPC_LA04_N A19 IO_L64N_SCP4_0 0-TR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_LPC_LA06_N D5 IO_L2N_0 0-TL
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_LPC_LA08_N A20 IO_L65N_SCP2_0 0-TR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_LPC_LA10_N H11 IO_L33N_0 0-TL
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_LPC_LA12_N G13 IO_L38N_VREF_0 0-TR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_LPC_LA14_N A17 IO_L50N_0 0-TR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_LPC_LA16_N A5 IO_L8N_VREF_0 0-TL
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_N F10 IO_L34N_GCLK18_0 0-TL
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_P F14 IO_L36P_GCLK15_0 0-TR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_LPC_LA03_P B18 IO_L63P_SCP7_0 0-TR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_LPC_LA05_P C4 IO_L6P_0 0-TL
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_LPC_LA07_P B2 IO_L3P_0 0-TL
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_LPC_LA09_P F7 IO_L7P_0 0-TL
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_LPC_LA11_P H14 IO_L49P_0 0-TR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_LPC_LA13_P G16 IO_L51P_0 0-TR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_LPC_LA15_P D18 IO_L62P_0 0-TR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_P Y11 IO_L32P_GCLK29_2 2-BL
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_P T12 IO_L29P_GCLK3_2 2-BR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_N F15 IO_L36N_GCLK14_0 0-TR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_LPC_LA03_N A18 IO_L63N_SCP6_0 0-TR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_LPC_LA05_N A4 IO_L6N_0 0-TL
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_LPC_LA07_N A2 IO_L3N_0 0-TL
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_LPC_LA09_N F8 IO_L7N_0 0-TL
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_LPC_LA11_N G15 IO_L49N_0 0-TR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_LPC_LA13_N F17 IO_L51N_0 0-TR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_LPC_LA15_N D19 IO_L62N_VREF_0 0-TR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_N AB11 IO_L32N_GCLK28_2 2-BL
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N U12 IO_L29N_GCLK2_2 2-BR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_LPC_LA21_P V11 IO_L42P_2 2-BL
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_LPC_LA20_P R9 IO_L59P_2 2-BL
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_LPC_LA27_N AB10 IO_L41N_VREF_2 2-BL
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_LPC_LA27_P AA10 IO_L41P_2 2-BL
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_LPC_LA26_N U13 IO_L16N_VREF_2 2-BR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_LPC_LA26_P U14 IO_L16P_2 2-BR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_LPC_LA28_N AB16 IO_L19N_2 2-BR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_LPC_LA23_N V9 IO_L50N_2 2-BL
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_LPC_LA20_N R8 IO_L59N_2 2-BL
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_LPC_LA19_N T11 IO_L22N_2 2-BR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_LPC_LA19_P R11 IO_L22P_2 2-BR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_LPC_LA24_P AA14 IO_L6P_2 2-BR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_LPC_LA24_N AB14 IO_L6N_2 2-BR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_LPC_LA25_P W14 IO_L20P_2 2-BR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_LPC_LA28_P AA16 IO_L19P_2 2-BR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_LPC_LA23_P U9 IO_L50P_2 2-BL
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_P D15 MGTRXP1_123 123-NA
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_N C15 MGTRXN1_123 123-NA
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC1_HPC_LA02_P P41 IO_L19P_T3_19 19-HP
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC1_HPC_LA04_P H40 IO_L7P_T1_19 19-HP
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC1_HPC_LA06_P K42 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_19 19-HP
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC1_HPC_LA08_P M37 IO_L20P_T3_19 19-HP
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC1_HPC_LA10_P N38 IO_L22P_T3_19 19-HP
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC1_HPC_LA12_P R40 IO_L23P_T3_19 19-HP
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC1_HPC_LA14_P N39 IO_L24P_T3_19 19-HP
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC1_HPC_LA16_P K37 IO_L17P_T2_19 19-HP
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC1_HPC_LA00_CC_P K39 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_19 19-HP
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC1_HPC_LA02_N N41 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_19 19-HP
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC1_HPC_LA04_N H41 IO_L7N_T1_19 19-HP
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC1_HPC_LA06_N J42 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_19 19-HP
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC1_HPC_LA08_N M38 IO_L20N_T3_19 19-HP
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC1_HPC_LA10_N M39 IO_L22N_T3_19 19-HP
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC1_HPC_LA12_N P40 IO_L23N_T3_19 19-HP
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC1_HPC_LA14_N N40 IO_L24N_T3_19 19-HP
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC1_HPC_LA16_N K38 IO_L17N_T2_19 19-HP
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC1_HPC_LA00_CC_N K40 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_19 19-HP
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC1_HPC_LA01_CC_P J40 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_19 19-HP
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC1_HPC_LA03_P M42 IO_L16P_T2_19 19-HP
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC1_HPC_LA05_P M41 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_19 19-HP
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC1_HPC_LA07_P G41 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_19 19-HP
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC1_HPC_LA09_P R42 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_19 19-HP
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC1_HPC_LA11_P F40 IO_L10P_T1_19 19-HP
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC1_HPC_LA13_P H39 IO_L8P_T1_19 19-HP
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC1_HPC_LA15_P M36 IO_L18P_T2_19 19-HP
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC1_HPC_LA17_CC_P L31 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_34 34-HP
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC1_HPC_LA18_CC_P M32 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_34 34-HP
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC1_HPC_LA01_CC_N J41 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_19 19-HP
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC1_HPC_LA03_N L42 IO_L16N_T2_19 19-HP
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC1_HPC_LA05_N L41 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_19 19-HP
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC1_HPC_LA07_N G42 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_19 19-HP
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC1_HPC_LA09_N P42 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_19 19-HP
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC1_HPC_LA11_N F41 IO_L10N_T1_19 19-HP
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC1_HPC_LA13_N G39 IO_L8N_T1_19 19-HP
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC1_HPC_LA15_N L37 IO_L18N_T2_19 19-HP
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC1_HPC_LA17_CC_N K32 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_34 34-HP
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC1_HPC_LA18_CC_N L32 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_34 34-HP
P2.A1 DCLKB2+ K16 FMC1_HPC_HA17_CC_P C35 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_35 35-HP
P2.A2 D1B+ K7 FMC1_HPC_HA02_P E33 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_AD7P_35 35-HP
P2.A3 D3B+ F7 FMC1_HPC_HA04_P F34 IO_L17P_T2_35 35-HP
P2.A4 D5B+ K10 FMC1_HPC_HA06_P G36 IO_L20P_T3_35 35-HP
P2.A5 D7B+ F10 FMC1_HPC_HA08_P J36 IO_L24P_T3_35 35-HP
P2.A6 D9B+ K13 FMC1_HPC_HA10_P H38 IO_L23P_T3_35 35-HP
P2.A7 D11B+ F13 FMC1_HPC_HA12_P B37 IO_L6P_T0_35 35-HP
P2.A8 D13B+ J15 FMC1_HPC_HA14_P E37 IO_L19P_T3_35 35-HP
P2.A9 D15B+ E15 FMC1_HPC_HA16_P B39 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_AD5P_35 35-HP
P2.A10 DCLKB1+ F4 FMC1_HPC_HA00_CC_P E34 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_35 35-HP
P2.B1 DCLKB2- K17 FMC1_HPC_HA17_CC_N C36 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_35 35-HP
P2.B2 D1B- K8 FMC1_HPC_HA02_N D33 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_AD7N_35 35-HP
P2.B3 D3B- F8 FMC1_HPC_HA04_N F35 IO_L17N_T2_35 35-HP
P2.B4 D5B- K11 FMC1_HPC_HA06_N G37 IO_L20N_T3_35 35-HP
P2.B5 D7B- F11 FMC1_HPC_HA08_N H36 IO_L24N_T3_35 35-HP
P2.B6 D9B- K14 FMC1_HPC_HA10_N G38 IO_L23N_T3_35 35-HP
P2.B7 D11B- F14 FMC1_HPC_HA12_N B38 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_35 35-HP
P2.B8 D13B- J16 FMC1_HPC_HA14_N E38 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_35 35-HP
P2.B9 D15B- E16 FMC1_HPC_HA16_N A39 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_AD5N_35 35-HP
P2.B10 DCLKB1- F5 FMC1_HPC_HA00_CC_N E35 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_35 35-HP
P2.C1 D0B+ E2 FMC1_HPC_HA01_CC_P D35 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_35 35-HP
P2.C2 D2B+ J6 FMC1_HPC_HA03_P H33 IO_L18P_T2_35 35-HP
P2.C3 D4B+ E6 FMC1_HPC_HA05_P G32 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_35 35-HP
P2.C4 D6B+ J9 FMC1_HPC_HA07_P C38 IO_L5P_T0_AD13P_35 35-HP
P2.C5 D8B+ E9 FMC1_HPC_HA09_P E32 IO_L7P_T1_AD6P_35 35-HP
P2.C6 D10B+ J12 FMC1_HPC_HA11_P J37 IO_L22P_T3_35 35-HP
P2.C7 D12B+ E12 FMC1_HPC_HA13_P B36 IO_L1P_T0_AD4P_35 35-HP
P2.C8 D14B+ F16 FMC1_HPC_HA15_P C33 IO_L10P_T1_AD15P_35 35-HP
P2.C9 D16B+ J18 FMC1_HPC_HA18_P F39 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_35 35-HP
P2.C10 D17B+ F19 FMC1_HPC_HA19_P B32 IO_L8P_T1_AD14P_35 35-HP
P2.D1 D0B- E3 FMC1_HPC_HA01_CC_N D36 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_35 35-HP
P2.D2 D2B- J7 FMC1_HPC_HA03_N G33 IO_L18N_T2_35 35-HP
P2.D3 D4B- E7 FMC1_HPC_HA05_N F32 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_35 35-HP
P2.D4 D6B- J10 FMC1_HPC_HA07_N C39 IO_L5N_T0_AD13N_35 35-HP
P2.D5 D8B- E10 FMC1_HPC_HA09_N D32 IO_L7N_T1_AD6N_35 35-HP
P2.D6 D10B- J13 FMC1_HPC_HA11_N J38 IO_L22N_T3_35 35-HP
P2.D7 D12B- E13 FMC1_HPC_HA13_N A37 IO_L1N_T0_AD4N_35 35-HP
P2.D8 D14B- F17 FMC1_HPC_HA15_N C34 IO_L10N_T1_AD15N_35 35-HP
P2.D9 D16B- J19 FMC1_HPC_HA18_N E39 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_35 35-HP
P2.D10 D17B- F20 FMC1_HPC_HA19_N B33 IO_L8N_T1_AD14N_35 35-HP
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC1_HPC_LA21_P N28 IO_L17P_T2_34 34-HP
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC1_HPC_LA20_P Y29 IO_L24P_T3_34 34-HP
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC1_HPC_LA27_N H31 IO_L10N_T1_34 34-HP
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC1_HPC_LA27_P J31 IO_L10P_T1_34 34-HP
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC1_HPC_LA26_N H30 IO_L8N_T1_34 34-HP
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC1_HPC_LA26_P J30 IO_L8P_T1_34 34-HP
P3.A7 I/O_8 E18 FMC1_HPC_HA20_P B34 IO_L2P_T0_AD12P_35 35-HP
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC1_HPC_LA28_N L30 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_34 34-HP
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC1_HPC_LA23_N N31 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_34 34-HP
P3.A10 I/O_2 K19 FMC1_HPC_HA21_P D37 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_35 35-HP
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC1_HPC_LA20_N Y30 IO_L24N_T3_34 34-HP
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC1_HPC_LA19_N W31 IO_L22N_T3_34 34-HP
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC1_HPC_LA19_P W30 IO_L22P_T3_34 34-HP
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC1_HPC_LA24_P R30 IO_L18P_T2_34 34-HP
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC1_HPC_LA24_N P31 IO_L18N_T2_34 34-HP
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC1_HPC_LA25_P K29 IO_L7P_T1_34 34-HP
P3.B7 I/O_7 E19 FMC1_HPC_HA20_N A34 IO_L2N_T0_AD12N_35 35-HP
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC1_HPC_LA28_P L29 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_34 34-HP
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC1_HPC_LA23_P P30 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_34 34-HP
P3.B10 I/O_1 K20 FMC1_HPC_HA21_N D38 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_35 35-HP
P3.C2 SD8+ B12 FMC1_HPC_DP7_M2C_P E6 MGTXRXP3_118 118-GTX
P3.C3 SD7+ B16 FMC1_HPC_DP6_M2C_P F8 MGTXRXP2_118 118-GTX
P3.C4 SD6+ A18 FMC1_HPC_DP5_M2C_P G6 MGTXRXP1_118 118-GTX
P3.C5 SD5+ A14 FMC1_HPC_DP4_M2C_P H8 MGTXRXP0_118 118-GTX
P3.C6 SD4+ A10 FMC1_HPC_DP3_M2C_P A6 MGTXRXP3_119 119-GTX
P3.C7 SD3+ A6 FMC1_HPC_DP2_M2C_P B8 MGTXRXP2_119 119-GTX
P3.C8 SD2+ A2 FMC1_HPC_DP1_M2C_P C6 MGTXRXP1_119 119-GTX
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC1_HPC_DP0_M2C_P D8 MGTXRXP0_119 119-GTX
P3.D2 SD8- B13 FMC1_HPC_DP7_M2C_N E5 MGTXRXN3_118 118-GTX
P3.D3 SD7- B17 FMC1_HPC_DP6_M2C_N F7 MGTXRXN2_118 118-GTX
P3.D4 SD6- A19 FMC1_HPC_DP5_M2C_N G5 MGTXRXN1_118 118-GTX
P3.D5 SD5- A15 FMC1_HPC_DP4_M2C_N H7 MGTXRXN0_118 118-GTX
P3.D6 SD4- A11 FMC1_HPC_DP3_M2C_N A5 MGTXRXN3_119 119-GTX
P3.D7 SD3- A7 FMC1_HPC_DP2_M2C_N B7 MGTXRXN2_119 119-GTX
P3.D8 SD2- A3 FMC1_HPC_DP1_M2C_N C5 MGTXRXN1_119 119-GTX
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC1_HPC_DP0_M2C_N D7 MGTXRXN0_119 119-GTX
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC2_HPC_LA02_P AK39 IO_L23P_T3_17 17-HP
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC2_HPC_LA04_P AL41 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_17 17-HP
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC2_HPC_LA06_P AD38 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_17 17-HP
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC2_HPC_LA08_P AD42 IO_L8P_T1_17 17-HP
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC2_HPC_LA10_P AB41 IO_L1P_T0_17 17-HP
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC2_HPC_LA12_P Y39 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_17 17-HP
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC2_HPC_LA14_P AB38 IO_L5P_T0_17 17-HP
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC2_HPC_LA16_P AJ40 IO_L22P_T3_17 17-HP
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC2_HPC_LA00_CC_P AD40 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_17 17-HP
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC2_HPC_LA02_N AL39 IO_L23N_T3_17 17-HP
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC2_HPC_LA04_N AL42 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_17 17-HP
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC2_HPC_LA06_N AE38 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_17 17-HP
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC2_HPC_LA08_N AE42 IO_L8N_T1_17 17-HP
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC2_HPC_LA10_N AB42 IO_L1N_T0_17 17-HP
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC2_HPC_LA12_N AA39 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_17 17-HP
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC2_HPC_LA14_N AB39 IO_L5N_T0_17 17-HP
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC2_HPC_LA16_N AJ41 IO_L22N_T3_17 17-HP
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC2_HPC_LA00_CC_N AD41 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_17 17-HP
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC2_HPC_LA01_CC_P AF41 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_17 17-HP
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC2_HPC_LA03_P AJ42 IO_L24P_T3_17 17-HP
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC2_HPC_LA05_P AF42 IO_L16P_T2_17 17-HP
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC2_HPC_LA07_P AC40 IO_L10P_T1_17 17-HP
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC2_HPC_LA09_P AJ38 IO_L18P_T2_17 17-HP
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC2_HPC_LA11_P Y42 IO_L4P_T0_17 17-HP
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC2_HPC_LA13_P W40 IO_L2P_T0_17 17-HP
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC2_HPC_LA15_P AC38 IO_L7P_T1_17 17-HP
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC2_HPC_LA17_CC_P U37 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_18 18-HP
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC2_HPC_LA18_CC_P U36 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_18 18-HP
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC2_HPC_LA01_CC_N AG41 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_17 17-HP
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC2_HPC_LA03_N AK42 IO_L24N_T3_17 17-HP
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC2_HPC_LA05_N AG42 IO_L16N_T2_17 17-HP
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC2_HPC_LA07_N AC41 IO_L10N_T1_17 17-HP
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC2_HPC_LA09_N AK38 IO_L18N_T2_17 17-HP
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC2_HPC_LA11_N AA42 IO_L4N_T0_17 17-HP
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC2_HPC_LA13_N Y40 IO_L2N_T0_17 17-HP
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC2_HPC_LA15_N AC39 IO_L7N_T1_17 17-HP
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC2_HPC_LA17_CC_N U38 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_18 18-HP
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC2_HPC_LA18_CC_N T37 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_18 18-HP
P2.A1 DCLKB2+ K16 FMC2_HPC_HA17_CC_P AC34 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_16 16-HP
P2.A2 D1B+ K7 FMC2_HPC_HA02_P AC30 IO_L22P_T3_16 16-HP
P2.A3 D3B+ F7 FMC2_HPC_HA04_P AB29 IO_L24P_T3_16 16-HP
P2.A4 D5B+ K10 FMC2_HPC_HA06_P AB31 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_16 16-HP
P2.A5 D7B+ F10 FMC2_HPC_HA08_P AA31 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.A6 D9B+ K13 FMC2_HPC_HA10_P AF31 IO_L16P_T2_16 16-HP
P2.A7 D11B+ F13 FMC2_HPC_HA12_P AF34 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.A8 D13B+ J15 FMC2_HPC_HA14_P AF35 IO_L1P_T0_16 16-HP
P2.A9 D15B+ E15 FMC2_HPC_HA16_P AG36 IO_L6P_T0_16 16-HP
P2.A10 DCLKB1+ F4 FMC2_HPC_HA00_CC_P AB33 IO_L12P_T1_MRCC_16 16-HP
P2.B1 DCLKB2- K17 FMC2_HPC_HA17_CC_N AD35 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_16 16-HP
P2.B2 D1B- K8 FMC2_HPC_HA02_N AD30 IO_L22N_T3_16 16-HP
P2.B3 D3B- F8 FMC2_HPC_HA04_N AC29 IO_L24N_T3_16 16-HP
P2.B4 D5B- K11 FMC2_HPC_HA06_N AB32 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_16 16-HP
P2.B5 D7B- F11 FMC2_HPC_HA08_N AA32 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.B6 D9B- K14 FMC2_HPC_HA10_N AF32 IO_L16N_T2_16 16-HP
P2.B7 D11B- F14 FMC2_HPC_HA12_N AG34 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.B8 D13B- J16 FMC2_HPC_HA14_N AF36 IO_L1N_T0_16 16-HP
P2.B9 D15B- E16 FMC2_HPC_HA16_N AH36 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_16 16-HP
P2.B10 DCLKB1- F5 FMC2_HPC_HA00_CC_N AC33 IO_L12N_T1_MRCC_16 16-HP
P2.C1 D0B+ E2 FMC2_HPC_HA01_CC_P AD32 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_16 16-HP
P2.C2 D2B+ J6 FMC2_HPC_HA03_P AA29 IO_L23P_T3_16 16-HP
P2.C3 D4B+ E6 FMC2_HPC_HA05_P Y32 IO_L19P_T3_16 16-HP
P2.C4 D6B+ J9 FMC2_HPC_HA07_P AC31 IO_L20P_T3_16 16-HP
P2.C5 D8B+ E9 FMC2_HPC_HA09_P AE29 IO_L18P_T2_16 16-HP
P2.C6 D10B+ J12 FMC2_HPC_HA11_P AE34 IO_L17P_T2_16 16-HP
P2.C7 D12B+ E12 FMC2_HPC_HA13_P AE32 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.C8 D14B+ F16 FMC2_HPC_HA15_P AE37 IO_L2P_T0_16 16-HP
P2.C9 D16B+ J18 FMC2_HPC_HA18_P AB36 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.C10 D17B+ F19 FMC2_HPC_HA19_P AC35 IO_L5P_T0_16 16-HP
P2.D1 D0B- E3 FMC2_HPC_HA01_CC_N AD33 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_16 16-HP
P2.D2 D2B- J7 FMC2_HPC_HA03_N AA30 IO_L23N_T3_16 16-HP
P2.D3 D4B- E7 FMC2_HPC_HA05_N Y33 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_16 16-HP
P2.D4 D6B- J10 FMC2_HPC_HA07_N AD31 IO_L20N_T3_16 16-HP
P2.D5 D8B- E10 FMC2_HPC_HA09_N AE30 IO_L18N_T2_16 16-HP
P2.D6 D10B- J13 FMC2_HPC_HA11_N AE35 IO_L17N_T2_16 16-HP
P2.D7 D12B- E13 FMC2_HPC_HA13_N AE33 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.D8 D14B- F17 FMC2_HPC_HA15_N AF37 IO_L2N_T0_16 16-HP
P2.D9 D16B- J19 FMC2_HPC_HA18_N AB37 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_16 16-HP
P2.D10 D17B- F20 FMC2_HPC_HA19_N AC36 IO_L5N_T0_16 16-HP
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC2_HPC_LA21_P P35 IO_L4P_T0_18 18-HP
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC2_HPC_LA20_P V33 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_18 18-HP
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC2_HPC_LA27_N P33 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_18 18-HP
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC2_HPC_LA27_P P32 IO_L6P_T0_18 18-HP
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC2_HPC_LA26_N N34 IO_L2N_T0_18 18-HP
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC2_HPC_LA26_P N33 IO_L2P_T0_18 18-HP
P3.A7 I/O_8 E18 FMC2_HPC_HA20_P AD36 IO_L4P_T0_16 16-HP
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC2_HPC_LA28_N V36 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_18 18-HP
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC2_HPC_LA23_N R39 IO_L10N_T1_18 18-HP
P3.A10 I/O_2 K19 FMC2_HPC_HA21_P AA34 IO_L10P_T1_16 16-HP
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC2_HPC_LA20_N V34 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_18 18-HP
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC2_HPC_LA19_N U33 IO_L17N_T2_18 18-HP
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC2_HPC_LA19_P U32 IO_L17P_T2_18 18-HP
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC2_HPC_LA24_P U34 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_18 18-HP
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC2_HPC_LA24_N T35 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_18 18-HP
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC2_HPC_LA25_P R33 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_18 18-HP
P3.B7 I/O_7 E19 FMC2_HPC_HA20_N AD37 IO_L4N_T0_16 16-HP
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC2_HPC_LA28_P V35 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_18 18-HP
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC2_HPC_LA23_P R38 IO_L10P_T1_18 18-HP
P3.B10 I/O_1 K20 FMC2_HPC_HA21_N AA35 IO_L10N_T1_16 16-HP
P3.C2 SD8+ B12 FMC2_HPC_DP7_M2C_P R6 MGTXRXP3_116 116-GTX
P3.C3 SD7+ B16 FMC2_HPC_DP6_M2C_P U6 MGTXRXP2_116 116-GTX
P3.C4 SD6+ A18 FMC2_HPC_DP5_M2C_P V4 MGTXRXP1_116 116-GTX
P3.C5 SD5+ A14 FMC2_HPC_DP4_M2C_P W6 MGTXRXP0_116 116-GTX
P3.C6 SD4+ A10 FMC2_HPC_DP3_M2C_P J6 MGTXRXP3_117 117-GTX
P3.C7 SD3+ A6 FMC2_HPC_DP2_M2C_P L6 MGTXRXP2_117 117-GTX
P3.C8 SD2+ A2 FMC2_HPC_DP1_M2C_P N6 MGTXRXP1_117 117-GTX
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC2_HPC_DP0_M2C_P P8 MGTXRXP0_117 117-GTX
P3.D2 SD8- B13 FMC2_HPC_DP7_M2C_N R5 MGTXRXN3_116 116-GTX
P3.D3 SD7- B17 FMC2_HPC_DP6_M2C_N U5 MGTXRXN2_116 116-GTX
P3.D4 SD6- A19 FMC2_HPC_DP5_M2C_N V3 MGTXRXN1_116 116-GTX
P3.D5 SD5- A15 FMC2_HPC_DP4_M2C_N W5 MGTXRXN0_116 116-GTX
P3.D6 SD4- A11 FMC2_HPC_DP3_M2C_N J5 MGTXRXN3_117 117-GTX
P3.D7 SD3- A7 FMC2_HPC_DP2_M2C_N L5 MGTXRXN2_117 117-GTX
P3.D8 SD2- A3 FMC2_HPC_DP1_M2C_N N5 MGTXRXN1_117 117-GTX
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC2_HPC_DP0_M2C_N P7 MGTXRXN0_117 117-GTX
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC1_LPC_LA02_P L21 IO_L10P_T1_34 34-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC1_LPC_LA04_P M21 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC1_LPC_LA06_P J18 IO_L7P_T1_34 34-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC1_LPC_LA08_P J21 IO_L8P_T1_34 34-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC1_LPC_LA10_P L17 IO_L4P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC1_LPC_LA12_P N22 IO_L16P_T2_34 34-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC1_LPC_LA14_P J16 IO_L2P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC1_LPC_LA16_P N15 IO_L19P_T3_34 34-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC1_LPC_LA00_CC_P K19 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC1_LPC_LA02_N L22 IO_L10N_T1_34 34-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC1_LPC_LA04_N M22 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC1_LPC_LA06_N K18 IO_L7N_T1_34 34-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC1_LPC_LA08_N J22 IO_L8N_T1_34 34-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC1_LPC_LA10_N M17 IO_L4N_T0_34 34-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC1_LPC_LA12_N P22 IO_L16N_T2_34 34-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC1_LPC_LA14_N J17 IO_L2N_T0_34 34-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC1_LPC_LA16_N P15 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_34 34-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC1_LPC_LA00_CC_N K20 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC1_LPC_LA01_CC_P N19 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC1_LPC_LA03_P J20 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC1_LPC_LA05_P N17 IO_L5P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC1_LPC_LA07_P J15 IO_L1P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC1_LPC_LA09_P M15 IO_L6P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC1_LPC_LA11_P R20 IO_L17P_T2_34 34-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC1_LPC_LA13_P P16 IO_L24P_T3_34 34-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC1_LPC_LA15_P P20 IO_L18P_T2_34 34-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC1_LPC_LA17_CC_P B19 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_35 35-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC1_LPC_LA18_CC_P D20 IO_L14P_T2_AD4P_SRCC_35 35-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC1_LPC_LA01_CC_N N20 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC1_LPC_LA03_N K21 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC1_LPC_LA05_N N18 IO_L5N_T0_34 34-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC1_LPC_LA07_N K15 IO_L1N_T0_34 34-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC1_LPC_LA09_N M16 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_34 34-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC1_LPC_LA11_N R21 IO_L17N_T2_34 34-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC1_LPC_LA13_N R16 IO_L24N_T3_34 34-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC1_LPC_LA15_N P21 IO_L18N_T2_34 34-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC1_LPC_LA17_CC_N B20 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_35 35-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC1_LPC_LA18_CC_N C20 IO_L14N_T2_AD4N_SRCC_35 35-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC1_LPC_LA21_P F21 IO_L23P_T3_35 35-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC1_LPC_LA20_P G20 IO_L22P_T3_AD7P_35 35-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC1_LPC_LA27_N C18 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_35 35-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC1_LPC_LA27_P C17 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_35 35-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC1_LPC_LA26_N E18 IO_L5N_T0_AD9N_35 35-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC1_LPC_LA26_P F18 IO_L5P_T0_AD9P_35 35-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC1_LPC_LA28_N C22 IO_L16N_T2_35 35-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC1_LPC_LA23_N G16 IO_L4N_T0_35 35-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC1_LPC_LA20_N G21 IO_L22N_T3_AD7N_35 35-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC1_LPC_LA19_N E20 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_AD14N_35 35-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC1_LPC_LA19_P E19 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_AD14P_35 35-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC1_LPC_LA24_P A21 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_AD12P_35 35-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC1_LPC_LA24_N A22 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_AD12N_35 35-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC1_LPC_LA25_P C15 IO_L7P_T1_AD2P_35 35-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC1_LPC_LA28_P D22 IO_L16P_T2_35 35-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC1_LPC_LA23_P G15 IO_L4P_T0_35 35-HR
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC2_LPC_LA02_P V14 IO_L19P_T3_33 33-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC2_LPC_LA04_P V13 IO_L20P_T3_33 33-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC2_LPC_LA06_P U17 IO_L16P_T2_33 33-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC2_LPC_LA08_P AA17 IO_L17P_T2_33 33-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC2_LPC_LA10_P Y20 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC2_LPC_LA12_P W15 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC2_LPC_LA14_P T22 IO_L2P_T0_33 33-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC2_LPC_LA16_P AB14 IO_L24P_T3_33 33-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC2_LPC_LA00_CC_P Y19 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_33 33-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC2_LPC_LA02_N V15 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_33 33-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC2_LPC_LA04_N W13 IO_L20N_T3_33 33-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC2_LPC_LA06_N V17 IO_L16N_T2_33 33-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC2_LPC_LA08_N AB17 IO_L17N_T2_33 33-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC2_LPC_LA10_N Y21 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC2_LPC_LA12_N Y15 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC2_LPC_LA14_N U22 IO_L2N_T0_33 33-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC2_LPC_LA16_N AB15 IO_L24N_T3_33 33-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC2_LPC_LA00_CC_N AA19 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_33 33-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC2_LPC_LA01_CC_P W16 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_33 33-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC2_LPC_LA03_P AA16 IO_L18P_T2_33 33-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC2_LPC_LA05_P AB19 IO_L10P_T1_33 33-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC2_LPC_LA07_P T21 IO_L1P_T0_33 33-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC2_LPC_LA09_P U15 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC2_LPC_LA11_P Y14 IO_L22P_T3_33 33-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC2_LPC_LA13_P V22 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC2_LPC_LA15_P Y13 IO_L23P_T3_33 33-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC2_LPC_LA17_CC_P AA7 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_13 13-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC2_LPC_LA18_CC_P AA9 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_13 13-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC2_LPC_LA01_CC_N Y16 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_33 33-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC2_LPC_LA03_N AB16 IO_L18N_T2_33 33-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC2_LPC_LA05_N AB20 IO_L10N_T1_33 33-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC2_LPC_LA07_N U21 IO_L1N_T0_33 33-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC2_LPC_LA09_N U16 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC2_LPC_LA11_N AA14 IO_L22N_T3_33 33-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC2_LPC_LA13_N W22 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_33 33-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC2_LPC_LA15_N AA13 IO_L23N_T3_33 33-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC2_LPC_LA17_CC_N AA6 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_13 13-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC2_LPC_LA18_CC_N AA8 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_13 13-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC2_LPC_LA21_P V5 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_13 13-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC2_LPC_LA20_P T4 IO_L20P_T3_13 13-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC2_LPC_LA27_N AB1 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_13 13-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC2_LPC_LA27_P AB2 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_13 13-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC2_LPC_LA26_N U11 IO_L5N_T0_13 13-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC2_LPC_LA26_P U12 IO_L5P_T0_13 13-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC2_LPC_LA28_N AB4 IO_L16N_T2_13 13-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC2_LPC_LA23_N W12 IO_L4N_T0_13 13-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC2_LPC_LA20_N U4 IO_L20N_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC2_LPC_LA19_N T6 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_13 13-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC2_LPC_LA19_P R6 IO_L19P_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC2_LPC_LA24_P U6 IO_L22P_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC2_LPC_LA24_N U5 IO_L22N_T3_13 13-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC2_LPC_LA25_P AA12 IO_L7P_T1_13 13-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC2_LPC_LA28_P AB5 IO_L16P_T2_13 13-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC2_LPC_LA23_P V12 IO_L4P_T0_13 13-HR
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_HPC_LA02_P AK17 IO_L16P_T2_11 11-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_HPC_LA04_P AJ20 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_11 11-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_HPC_LA06_P AG22 IO_L6P_T0_11 11-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_HPC_LA08_P AF19 IO_L18P_T2_11 11-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_HPC_LA10_P AG24 IO_L8P_T1_11 11-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_HPC_LA12_P AF23 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_11 11-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_HPC_LA14_P AC24 IO_L7P_T1_11 11-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_HPC_LA16_P AA24 IO_L22P_T3_11 11-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_HPC_LA00_CC_P AF20 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_11 11-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_HPC_LA02_N AK18 IO_L16N_T2_11 11-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_HPC_LA04_N AK20 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_11 11-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_HPC_LA06_N AH22 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_11 11-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_HPC_LA08_N AG19 IO_L18N_T2_11 11-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_HPC_LA10_N AG25 IO_L8N_T1_11 11-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_HPC_LA12_N AF24 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_11 11-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_HPC_LA14_N AD24 IO_L7N_T1_11 11-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_HPC_LA16_N AB24 IO_L22N_T3_11 11-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_HPC_LA00_CC_N AG20 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_11 11-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_HPC_LA01_CC_P AG21 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_11 11-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_HPC_LA03_P AH19 IO_L17P_T2_11 11-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_HPC_LA05_P AH23 IO_L5P_T0_11 11-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_HPC_LA07_P AJ23 IO_L4P_T0_11 11-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_HPC_LA09_P AD21 IO_L10P_T1_11 11-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_HPC_LA11_P AD23 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_11 11-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_HPC_LA13_P AA22 IO_L23P_T3_11 11-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_HPC_LA15_P Y22 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_11 11-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_HPC_LA17_CC_P V23 IO_L24P_T3_13 13-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_HPC_LA18_CC_P W25 IO_L10P_T1_13 13-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_HPC_LA01_CC_N AH21 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_11 11-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_HPC_LA03_N AJ19 IO_L17N_T2_11 11-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_HPC_LA05_N AH24 IO_L5N_T0_11 11-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_HPC_LA07_N AJ24 IO_L4N_T0_11 11-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_HPC_LA09_N AE21 IO_L10N_T1_11 11-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_HPC_LA11_N AE23 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_11 11-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_HPC_LA13_N AA23 IO_L23N_T3_11 11-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_HPC_LA15_N Y23 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_11 11-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_HPC_LA17_CC_N W24 IO_L24N_T3_13 13-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_HPC_LA18_CC_N W26 IO_L10N_T1_13 13-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_HPC_LA21_P W29 IO_L8P_T1_13 13-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_HPC_LA20_P U25 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_13 13-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_HPC_LA27_N V29 IO_L7N_T1_13 13-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_HPC_LA27_P V28 IO_L7P_T1_13 13-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_HPC_LA26_N T28 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_13 13-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_HPC_LA26_P R28 IO_L6P_T0_13 13-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_HPC_LA28_N R30 IO_L1N_T0_13 13-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_HPC_LA23_N P26 IO_L16N_T2_13 13-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_HPC_LA20_N V26 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_13 13-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_HPC_LA19_N T25 IO_L17N_T2_13 13-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_HPC_LA19_P T24 IO_L17P_T2_13 13-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_HPC_LA24_P T30 IO_L2P_T0_13 13-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_HPC_LA24_N U30 IO_L2N_T0_13 13-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_HPC_LA25_P T29 IO_L5P_T0_13 13-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_HPC_LA28_P P30 IO_L1P_T0_13 13-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_HPC_LA23_P P25 IO_L16P_T2_13 13-HR
P3.C2 SD8+ B12 FMC_HPC_DP7_M2C_P AD6 MGTXRXP3_110 110-GTX
P3.C3 SD7+ B16 FMC_HPC_DP6_M2C_P AF6 MGTXRXP2_110 110-GTX
P3.C4 SD6+ A18 FMC_HPC_DP5_M2C_P AG4 MGTXRXP1_110 110-GTX
P3.C5 SD5+ A14 FMC_HPC_DP4_M2C_P AH6 MGTXRXP0_110 110-GTX
P3.C6 SD4+ A10 FMC_HPC_DP3_M2C_P AE8 MGTXRXP3_109 109-GTX
P3.C7 SD3+ A6 FMC_HPC_DP2_M2C_P AG8 MGTXRXP2_109 109-GTX
P3.C8 SD2+ A2 FMC_HPC_DP1_M2C_P AJ8 MGTXRXP1_109 109-GTX
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_HPC_DP0_M2C_P AH10 MGTXRXP0_109 109-GTX
P3.D2 SD8- B13 FMC_HPC_DP7_M2C_N AD5 MGTXRXN3_110 110-GTX
P3.D3 SD7- B17 FMC_HPC_DP6_M2C_N AF5 MGTXRXN2_110 110-GTX
P3.D4 SD6- A19 FMC_HPC_DP5_M2C_N AG3 MGTXRXN1_110 110-GTX
P3.D5 SD5- A15 FMC_HPC_DP4_M2C_N AH5 MGTXRXN0_110 110-GTX
P3.D6 SD4- A11 FMC_HPC_DP3_M2C_N AE7 MGTXRXN3_109 109-GTX
P3.D7 SD3- A7 FMC_HPC_DP2_M2C_N AG7 MGTXRXN2_109 109-GTX
P3.D8 SD2- A3 FMC_HPC_DP1_M2C_N AJ7 MGTXRXN1_109 109-GTX
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_HPC_DP0_M2C_N AH9 MGTXRXN0_109 109-GTX
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_LPC_LA02_P AE12 IO_L7P_T1_10 10-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_LPC_LA04_P AJ15 IO_L5P_T0_10 10-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_LPC_LA06_P AB12 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_10 10-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_LPC_LA08_P AD14 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_10 10-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_LPC_LA10_P AC14 IO_L19P_T3_10 10-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_LPC_LA12_P AD16 IO_L18P_T2_10 10-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_LPC_LA14_P AF18 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_10 10-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_LPC_LA16_P AE18 IO_L17P_T2_10 10-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_P AE13 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_10 10-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_LPC_LA02_N AF12 IO_L7N_T1_10 10-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_LPC_LA04_N AK15 IO_L5N_T0_10 10-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_LPC_LA06_N AC12 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_10 10-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_LPC_LA08_N AD13 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_10 10-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_LPC_LA10_N AC13 IO_L19N_T3_VREF_10 10-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_LPC_LA12_N AD15 IO_L18N_T2_10 10-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_LPC_LA14_N AF17 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_10 10-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_LPC_LA16_N AE17 IO_L17N_T2_10 10-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_N AF13 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_10 10-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_P AF15 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_10 10-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_LPC_LA03_P AG12 IO_L10P_T1_10 10-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_LPC_LA05_P AE16 IO_L16P_T2_10 10-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_LPC_LA07_P AA15 IO_L20P_T3_10 10-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_LPC_LA09_P AH14 IO_L8P_T1_10 10-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_LPC_LA11_P AJ16 IO_L4P_T0_10 10-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_LPC_LA13_P AH17 IO_L6P_T0_10 10-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_LPC_LA15_P AB15 IO_L22P_T3_10 10-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_P AB27 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_12 12-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_P AE27 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_12 12-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_N AG15 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_10 10-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_LPC_LA03_N AH12 IO_L10N_T1_10 10-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_LPC_LA05_N AE15 IO_L16N_T2_10 10-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_LPC_LA07_N AA14 IO_L20N_T3_10 10-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_LPC_LA09_N AH13 IO_L8N_T1_10 10-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_LPC_LA11_N AK16 IO_L4N_T0_10 10-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_LPC_LA13_N AH16 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_10 10-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_LPC_LA15_N AB14 IO_L22N_T3_10 10-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_N AC27 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_12 12-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N AF27 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_12 12-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_LPC_LA21_P AH28 IO_L19P_T3_12 12-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_LPC_LA20_P AG26 IO_L17P_T2_12 12-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_LPC_LA27_N AJ29 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_12 12-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_LPC_LA27_P AJ28 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_12 12-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_LPC_LA26_N AK30 IO_L20N_T3_12 12-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_LPC_LA26_P AJ30 IO_L20P_T3_12 12-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_LPC_LA28_N AE26 IO_L10N_T1_12 12-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_LPC_LA23_N AK26 IO_L24N_T3_12 12-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_LPC_LA20_N AG27 IO_L17N_T2_12 12-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_LPC_LA19_N AH27 IO_L23N_T3_12 12-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_LPC_LA19_P AH26 IO_L23P_T3_12 12-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_LPC_LA24_P AF30 IO_L16P_T2_12 12-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_LPC_LA24_N AG30 IO_L16N_T2_12 12-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_LPC_LA25_P AF29 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_12 12-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_LPC_LA28_P AD25 IO_L10P_T1_12 12-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_LPC_LA23_P AJ26 IO_L24P_T3_12 12-HR
P3.C9 SD1+ C6 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_P AC4 MGTXRXP0_111 111-GTX
P3.D9 SD1- C7 FMC_LPC_DP0_M2C_N AC3 MGTXRXN0_111 111-GTX
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013


Interposer FMC FPGA
Pin Name Pin Name Pin Name Bank
P1.A2 D1A+ H7 FMC_LPC_LA02_P P17 IO_L20P_T3_34 34-HR
P1.A3 D3A+ H10 FMC_LPC_LA04_P M21 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.A4 D5A+ C10 FMC_LPC_LA06_P L21 IO_L10P_T1_34 34-HR
P1.A5 D7A+ G12 FMC_LPC_LA08_P J21 IO_L8P_T1_34 34-HR
P1.A6 D9A+ C14 FMC_LPC_LA10_P R19 IO_L22P_T3_34 34-HR
P1.A7 D11A+ G15 FMC_LPC_LA12_P P20 IO_L18P_T2_34 34-HR
P1.A8 D13A+ C18 FMC_LPC_LA14_P K19 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.A9 D15A+ G18 FMC_LPC_LA16_P J20 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.A10 DCLKA1+ G6 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_P M19 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_34 34-HR
P1.B2 D1A- H8 FMC_LPC_LA02_N P18 IO_L20N_T3_34 34-HR
P1.B3 D3A- H11 FMC_LPC_LA04_N M22 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.B4 D5A- C11 FMC_LPC_LA06_N L22 IO_L10N_T1_34 34-HR
P1.B5 D7A- G13 FMC_LPC_LA08_N J22 IO_L8N_T1_34 34-HR
P1.B6 D9A- C15 FMC_LPC_LA10_N T19 IO_L22N_T3_34 34-HR
P1.B7 D11A- G16 FMC_LPC_LA12_N P21 IO_L18N_T2_34 34-HR
P1.B8 D13A- C19 FMC_LPC_LA14_N K20 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.B9 D15A- G19 FMC_LPC_LA16_N K21 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.B10 DCLKA1- G7 FMC_LPC_LA00_CC_N M20 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_34 34-HR
P1.C1 D0A+ D8 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_P N19 IO_L14P_T2_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.C2 D2A+ G9 FMC_LPC_LA03_P N22 IO_L16P_T2_34 34-HR
P1.C3 D4A+ D11 FMC_LPC_LA05_P J18 IO_L7P_T1_34 34-HR
P1.C4 D6A+ H13 FMC_LPC_LA07_P T16 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.C5 D8A+ D14 FMC_LPC_LA09_P R20 IO_L17P_T2_34 34-HR
P1.C6 D10A+ H16 FMC_LPC_LA11_P N17 IO_L5P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.C7 D12A+ D17 FMC_LPC_LA13_P L17 IO_L4P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.C8 D14A+ H19 FMC_LPC_LA15_P J16 IO_L2P_T0_34 34-HR
P1.C9 D16A+ D20 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_P B19 IO_L13P_T2_MRCC_35 35-HR
P1.C10 D17A+ C22 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_P D20 IO_L14P_T2_AD4P_SRCC_35 35-HR
P1.D1 D0A- D9 FMC_LPC_LA01_CC_N N20 IO_L14N_T2_SRCC_34 34-HR
P1.D2 D2A- G10 FMC_LPC_LA03_N P22 IO_L16N_T2_34 34-HR
P1.D3 D4A- D12 FMC_LPC_LA05_N K18 IO_L7N_T1_34 34-HR
P1.D4 D6A- H14 FMC_LPC_LA07_N T17 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_34 34-HR
P1.D5 D8A- D15 FMC_LPC_LA09_N R21 IO_L17N_T2_34 34-HR
P1.D6 D10A- H17 FMC_LPC_LA11_N N18 IO_L5N_T0_34 34-HR
P1.D7 D12A- D18 FMC_LPC_LA13_N M17 IO_L4N_T0_34 34-HR
P1.D8 D14A- H20 FMC_LPC_LA15_N J17 IO_L2N_T0_34 34-HR
P1.D9 D16A- D21 FMC_LPC_LA17_CC_N B20 IO_L13N_T2_MRCC_35 35-HR
P1.D10 D17A- C23 FMC_LPC_LA18_CC_N C20 IO_L14N_T2_AD4N_SRCC_35 35-HR
P3.A1 USB_5 H25 FMC_LPC_LA21_P E19 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_AD14P_35 35-HR
P3.A2 USB_3 G21 FMC_LPC_LA20_P G20 IO_L22P_T3_AD7P_35 35-HR
P3.A3 CSB4_M C27 FMC_LPC_LA27_N D21 IO_L17N_T2_AD5N_35 35-HR
P3.A4 CSB3_M C26 FMC_LPC_LA27_P E21 IO_L17P_T2_AD5P_35 35-HR
P3.A5 CSB2_M D27 FMC_LPC_LA26_N E18 IO_L5N_T0_AD9N_35 35-HR
P3.A6 CSB1_M D26 FMC_LPC_LA26_P F18 IO_L5P_T0_AD9P_35 35-HR
P3.A8 I/O_6 H32 FMC_LPC_LA28_N A17 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_AD3N_35 35-HR
P3.A9 I/O_4 D24 FMC_LPC_LA23_N D15 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_AD1N_35 35-HR
P3.B1 USB_4 G22 FMC_LPC_LA20_N G21 IO_L22N_T3_AD7N_35 35-HR
P3.B2 USB_2 H23 FMC_LPC_LA19_N G16 IO_L4N_T0_35 35-HR
P3.B3 USB_1 H22 FMC_LPC_LA19_P G15 IO_L4P_T0_35 35-HR
P3.B4 SDO_M H28 FMC_LPC_LA24_P A18 IO_L10P_T1_AD11P_35 35-HR
P3.B5 SDI_M H29 FMC_LPC_LA24_N A19 IO_L10N_T1_AD11N_35 35-HR
P3.B6 SCLK_M G27 FMC_LPC_LA25_P D22 IO_L16P_T2_35 35-HR
P3.B8 I/O_5 H31 FMC_LPC_LA28_P A16 IO_L9P_T1_DQS_AD3P_35 35-HR
P3.B9 I/O_3 D23 FMC_LPC_LA23_P E15 IO_L3P_T0_DQS_AD1P_35 35-HR
Sat May 18 12:28:03 2013
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