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AD9265 Native FMC Card Reference Design


The AD9265 is a 16-bit, 125MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) featuring a wide bandwidth differential sample-and-hold analog input amplifier supporting a variety of user-selectable input ranges. This reference design includes a data capture interface and the external DDR-DRAM interface for sample storage. It allows programming the device and monitoring it's internal status registers. The board also provides other options to drive the clock and analog inputs of the ADC.

Supported Devices

  • AD9265-FMC

Supported Carriers

Clock Selection

The board provides three (some modification maybe necessary) possible clock path for clocking the AD9265.

  • External passive clock (default).
  • Optional active clock path using the AD9517.
  • Optional oscillator.

Please make sure you have removed or inserted the corresponding components on the board to select the desired clock path.



Hardware Project Carriers Resource Utilization Library Cores
AD9265-FMC-125EBZ ad9265_fmc zc706 ad9265_fmc_zc706 axi_ad9265
13 Feb 2015 18:57 · rejeesh kutty

Help & Support

13 Feb 2015 18:57 · rejeesh kutty
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